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Parasailing a kind of

sport for the amusements

Elaborated: Cazac Nadejda


Safe Conditions
My own experience


Parasailing is a recreational kind of sport where

a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat)
while attached to a specially designed canopy wing
that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail
wing. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three
people can parasail behind it at the same time.

The first mentions
of parasailing is a flight
by Colonel Michel
Tournier from France
flying behind a tractor
in 1961.

It is also knew that in 1963 Jacques-Andr

Istel from Pioneer Parachute Company bought a
license from Lemoigne (who invented the
paracommander parachute) to manufacture
and sell the 24-gore parachute canopy he had
developed for towing which was labeled as a

In 1974, Mark McCulloh

invented the first self-contained
parasail launch.
In early 1976, Brian Gaskin
designed, created, and tested the
first 16-gore canopy design which
he named "Waterbird".
In April 2013, the first ASTM
parasail weather standard was
approved. This standard was the
first step in bringing the otherwise
unregulated industry into a more
uniformed and safe industry!

Parasailing requires a parasail, tow rope,
boat or land vehicle with a winch. Safe
parasailing takes place behind a boat that has
an engine with at least 90 HP. The company
that organizes parasailing must provide a body
harness, a canopy for the start and a towline.
In addition, safe parasailing requires an
experienced boat driver, a skilled observer and
a ground crew.

Safe Conditions
One should not parasail in
winds exceeding 50mph. All
parasailing participants need
to wear life jackets to prevent
drowning and helmets to
prevent head injuries. There
are no obstructions in your
take-off path. Some
obstructions include, trees,
other boats and mountains.

Parasailing requires no formal
training, and most beaches and holiday
destinations offer parasailing activities. The
boat driver must be with the experience.
Assistants hold the guidelines to help the
sail fill up with air. The parasailor should
take a few long strides with the rope taut.
The canopy will do this on its own. Steer
the parasail by pulling down on risers on the
side of the desired direction. Release the
safety pin to allow the parasailor to float
gently down into the water at either a high
or low altitude.


Land based parasailing has been formed into competition

sport in Europe. In land based competition parasailing, the
parasail is towed to maximum height behind a 4 wheel drive
vehicle and then releases the tow line and flies down to a target
area in an accuracy competition. The sport was developed in the
early 80's and has been very popular ever since. The first
international competitions were held in the mid 80's and
continue to run today.

My own experience
This kind of sport is
like a tradition in our
travels with my sister, my
brother and my niece. We
always practice this, when
we are at the seashore.
This recreational sport, is
very unusual, awesome,
and amazing. It gives us
the opportunity to see a
wonderful view. When we
are doing this, we are
feeling like birds in flight.

The sport is a method to

enjoy our lives. But we mustn't
forget to be careful and cautious.

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