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At the 20th Party

Conference in 1956
he gave a speech
denouncing Stalin and
starting a process of

Retired 1964, died


He was born in
1874, the son of a

He became
Soviet Premier
on 27th March

Whether you like it or

not. history is on our side.
We will bury you!

His period in office was

marked by 3 major crises, U2
Spy Plane (1960) , Berlin Wall
Khrushchev, 1959
(61), Cuba (62)
Study the information for 1 minute. You have 2 minutes to answer the Qs.
What other key information would you have included in this task?

Quick quiz

What did his father do?

What happened during the 20th Party
What was his job description by 27 th
March 1958?
Name 3 crises of his period in office
Write down a famous Khrushchev quote
What was Khrushchev holding in his

What was the

immediate impact
of Khrushchevs
policy of Peaceful
TBAT to explain the impact of PC
on 2 case studies: Austria &
To assess the commitment of the
US and USSR to PC

Your task

Read p.80-1. Note down evidence

that shows the Khrushchev had
changed the nature of superpower
Give K a score out of 5 for
improving East-West relations and
explain your judgement
Signing of Austrian
State Treaty, 1955

Austrian State Treaty,


Situation in Austria after 1945

divided into Western & Eastern zones;
Soviets exploited eastern zones for
industrial resources; US pumped
Marshall Aid into western zones
Terms of Austrian State Treaty US &
USSR withdrawal of military forces;
state neutrality; K had swapped boy
pants for adult trousers

Soviet withdrawal from


Situation after 1945

Finnish-Soviet peace
treaty signed (1947);
Finland paid $300
reparations & conceded
Withdrawal USSR
withdrew from Porkkala;
Finland remained neutral
BUT Soviets still able to
influence country, e.g.
1962 presidential

Extension task

Read through the

extracts your teacher
provides. Highlight in
one colour evidence
to show that the K
was helping to
improve relations.
In another colour
highlight evidence
that the US could not
be trusted!

Time Magazine, 1956

Comrade Khrushchev has been called to a press conference organised by

Pravda the state-run newspaper. Think of 3 questions you would like to ask
him about his views on Stalin, US relations, domestic policy. Khrushchev
your job is to convince the Communist faithful you havent abandoned the


Read p.81-2 and answer the Skills

builder questions on p.83
Produce a factoid on Eisenhowers
Sec of State, John Foster Dulles.
Include sections on his early life,
career in US politics & foreign policy
initiatives USSR


Which was more significant?
Extension. Who was more
committed to PC, the US or the