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Why Plastic
Formwork ?

The History: Wood Formwork

Wood was the material traditionally used
to form concrete.
It has some disadvantages:
it is slow to erect and dismantle;
not more than 20 or 30 usages;
skilled labour required;
suffers moisture;
job-site waste is high;
environmental issues (deforestation).

The History: Steel-Frame Formwork

- Speed of erection and dismantling.

- Lifetime longer than wood.

- The concrete finish superior to wood.

The biggest issues with steel?

Very heavy and expensive
High maintenance cost
High logistic cost

Plastic Formwork
Geoplast chose a special plastic for its formwork system:
ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
- Resistant and tough, very good shock absorbance
- Mechanically stable under loads
- Very smooth and impervious surface
- Temperature tolerant
- Recyclable

The Geoplast Formwork System

Principles common to the Geoplast formwork system:
- Very low weight
- Reusability 100 pours at least
- Simplicity
- Few, common accessories
one single pin/handle works
for all systems

The Advantages Of Plastic

Weight: plastic formwork (Geopanel) weighs 18 kg/m2
wood = 18 kg/m2 (0%)
aluminium = 30 kg/m2 (+67%)
steel frame + plywood = 40 kg/m2 (+220%)
Speed: plastic formwork does not need heavy equipment, so
it is not necessary to wait for cranes, trucks or other


Forming time:
Stripping time:
Total time:


15 to 20 min.
5 min.
25 min. max


25 min

30 min.

20 min.

4h 30 min

45 min.

- Long lifetime (lower amortisation per pour)

- lower operating cost (no crane time, less labour)
- lower maintenance cost (less cleaning, no or little oiling, simple

The Geoplast is working in following Six Divisions.

Foundations: -Ventilated foundation for housing, commercial and industrial construction
works and for negative refrigeration cells. Solutions for the protection of ground based walls.
Formworks: Reusable modular formwork made of ABS ( Acrylonittile butadiene
styrene ) Plastic for the creation of round, square or rectangular column, walls and swimming
Slabs: - System of plastic formwork for floor of reinforced concrete slabs, allows for the
advance stripping operation and is either one directional or bidirectional, for enhanced weight
Green: -Grids of vehicle proof lawns, green car parks, consolidation of green areas, system for
roof gardens and vertical systems.
Water: -Element for drainage basin, rainwater collection tanks, storage and reuse tanks, as well
as tanks for the management of waste water.
Sport: - Polyvalent sports paving and grids for the strengthening of horse riding surfaces.

MODULO Disposable permanent formwork

system for raised flooring

MODULO is a permanent plastic formwork system used to realize
foundation slabs between 3 and 70 cm in residential, commercial and
industrial buildings. The particular design create a crawl space suitable
the creation of ventilated foundation to improve the health and safety
(humidity and Radon Gas reduction)
the filling of the gaps in the structure in a very fast and economical way
if compare with the traditional filling.
the installation of piping and technical services

Even the ancient Romans understood than the direct
contact with the ground was not healthy.
the crawl space ventilation have the advantage of:

Radon is an odorless and colorless radioactive gas that can

found in the variable quantities in the earths crust. It is the
second cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.

The soil is heterogeneous mixture of solid elements, air

and water. Water is the most subject to fluctuation. The
direct contact with the ground causes rising damp issues to
The ventilation of the crawl space created with Modulo
Title of the image
would be useful to take advantage of the Chimney effect

The two elements widely used in buildings by the Romans

that came to the attention of Geoplast researchers were the
suspended foundation of the Roman buildings and the use
of the arch, the strongest supporting element of ancient

Advantages of Geoplast system

a) Insulation from humidity and no cracks on walls

Traditional foundation, moisture

and possible structure cracks

Ventilated foundation warranty of a

healthy and structurally stronger house

b) Radon protection
c) Possibility to add services beneath before and after completion

Ventilated foundation making

Radon harmless diluting the gas
into the atmosphere

Services under the


Retrofitted cable

d) Suitable for every classification of soil

Dolomite Holes

Expansive Clay

Behavior of Multimodulo in Expansive Clay

e) Suitable for any type of construction and building application (brickwork

structure, frames made from in-situ / timber / steelwork)

Precast manufacturing Facility Cape Town,

Western Cape, RSA

Residential Project Grotto Bay, Western

Cape, RSA

f) Suitable for a wide range of depths

g) Suitable for a wide range of layout shapes

120 m Foundation

42m Foundation under


42m Foundation after


h) Less steel, less concrete , less time = COST SAVINGS

House Foundation in
7 Working Hours

Taj Hotel - Delhi

Ramp Work

Filling on the Floors

Light Filling on the Floors

Filling on the Floors

Landscape Filling

Filling on the Floors

Light Filling on the Floors

Raised Concrete Flooring

Elevator Up to 2.5 m Height

New Elevator Examples of Use

New Elevator Ramp Examples of Use

New Elevator and Modulo for Auditorium

New Elevator and Modulo for steps

The Geoplast Formwork System

round, square or

Dia. 25 100 cm
Sq. 20 - 60 cm

modular wall


full and
ribbed slabs


Advantages of Geoplast Formwork System

Light but mechanically resistant (60KN/m2)
Fast to install and to move
Reusable (reported average 100 uses)
Cost effective in the construction site
Stable to temperatures (-30 C / +70 C)

Light But Mechanically Resistant ( 60 KN / Sq.M )

Geopanel 120x60cm 11 kg/pc

The declared resistance standard of steel and aluminium formwork is 60kN/m 2

Fast To Install and Move

Geotube: The Formwork For Round Column

11 Different Diameters For Round Columns

Geopanel Star

L & T -Bangalore

Taj Hotel - Delhi

Geopanel Star: The Formwork For Square &

Rectangular Column

Geopanel Star

Geopanel Star Dimensions

Rajdeep Buildcon-Pune

Devi Construction -pune

Geopanel: The Formwork For Walls

Geopanel Star

Characteristics of Geopanel
Technical characteristics:
Panel dimensions:
120 x 60 cm

11 kg weight

smaller compensation panels:

40 x 60 cm

3.68 kg

30 x 60 cm

2.90 kg

25 x 60 cm

2.30 kg

20 x 60 cm

2.25 kg

Walls thickness of 10 to 45 cm - thicker walls are

possible under certain conditions (foundations).

Mhada B.G. Shirke - Mumbai

Prathibha Constructions - Mumbai

Shapoorji TCS - Pune

S.J. Constructions - Pune

Marg - Chennai

The Geosky Slab System

Geosky is a system of plastic

formworks for the realization of
concrete slabs.
Due to the sliding wedge on main
beam, this new and innovative
system makes installation and
stripping quick, reduces casting
time and increases equipment
No special panels are needed
with Geosky because it uses the
same panels (Geopanel) needed
to pour walls.

The Advantages of Geosky

Wood and steel slab formwork are the traditional systems.
The are time-proven, but they have some shortcomings:
- main and secondary beams are necessary
- the forming and stripping time is high:


(traditional systems)

Geosky Job Site Photograph

Geosky Job Site Photograph

Ribbed slabs
Many markets use lightweight filling materials for ribbed slabs:

Brick fillers

Polystyrene blocks

Ribbed slab
Lightweight filler

Ribbed Slabs
Ribbed slab
Lightweight filler

In 2008 Geoplast presents SKYRAIL, a modular formwork for ribbed slabs.

SKYRAIL ribbed slab

Skyrail has very interesting characteristics:
reusable 100 times
60 cm on-centres
rib height of 16, 20 or 24 cm
is amortised in few pours

5 cm
16,5 cm
20 cm

60 cm

9 cm

Skyrail Ribbed Slab

Weight of the ribbed slab vs. traditional systems:

Brick filler Polystyrene precast

Solid slab

235 kg/m2

281 kg/m2

607 kg/m2


260 kg/m2

At least 25 kg/m2 lighter.
Better behaviour in seismic conditions.
The structure is monolithic.
Cost saving.


Skyrail Ribbed Slab