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Know the offer: be certain of what you are saying about the

product or service. This will help conversation flow more


Know the resources : have knowledge of, where to send people

asking for detailed product specifics or particular section of the
website, services, product information, order or delivery status

Focus on solving the issue: Although sometimes a general chitchat might be appreciated, especially with a returning customer,
try not to go off-topic too much. Lets get back to business
usually helps with bringing the visitor back to the right subject.

Leave your attitude at the door: Refrain from comments and own
opinions, keep the sarcasm for yourself. Instead, try to calm down
the angry person on the other side.

Listen patiently: Allow customers to explain the issue in detail.

Understanding where lies the actual problem is the quickest path
to the solution. 5

Be cheerful and polite: Well, its not only about solving the issue,
but also about the way its done. Try to put a smile on customers

Dont lie: If you promise something (like free delivery), keep that
promise and spare the future disappointment (I need to pay for
that?!). The worst truth is better than the sweetest lie.

Be clear: Reply yes/no and elaborate on that, do not simply use

one or the other.

Dont be afraid of transferring the chats: Make sure to inform the

customer that all chat details are being transferred to another
rep. Customers hate repeating themselves

Use language of benefit, pitch only when asked to, highlight

benefits of changing the status quo, be informative and

Use simple answers and be honest when theres a need assist in

answering questions if the customer is not tech savvy

Quick Responses: Keep the conversation moving. Try

to avoid long pauses between responses. It is
important that your customer feels connected to you.

Type the way you speak: Keep your tone more

conversational. If youre constantly trying to write a
perfect business response it will take forever, and your
customer will lose interest and move on.


UPPERCASE is extremely rude - its considered shouting
and very aggressive.

Give people time to respond: "Machine gun"

messaging is a really good way to get people to totally
ignore you in future. Multiple questions sent to a
recipient before theyve had a chance to answer can
seem more like an interrogation rather than a

Know the Customer: Review all of the basic information of each

customer before you start your chat. It will give you insight on
who you are dealing with, and what past problems the individual
may have had.

Friendliness is Key: Make sure your responses are courteous. Tone

and tenor in written responses are often difficult to read. A
please and a thank you will ensure positive tones.

Avoid Internet Speak: Typing in all capital letters is the equivalent

to screaming at the top of your lungs. Try using proper
capitalization and punctuation. Sentences still count, so do not
use web speak abbreviations (OIC = Oh, I see.) or emoticons strange smiley faces :-p or :-D 9

Be Direct: Answer the questions youve been asked ... dont

become a lengthy user-manual.

No single word responses: While brevity is good, one-word

answers will drive your customers somewhere else.*

Avoid jargons: Customers may not know any specific

terminology, so you have to make sure you are

Introduce yourself: Commence a conversation much

the same way as you would in a business telephone
call e.g. Welcome to the customer support forum,
Gosmarteee", not "Hi there!

Describe your actions: Inform about checking on more

information, use phrases like please hold on, allow
me to check that, let me get that information for

Never leave the customer unanswered: Confirm that

you read the question and that the reply is being

Personal Touch: Chats are not meant to be a business

reply form. Humanize yourself to the customer. Use

Think before hitting the enter key: With email, you

may have a few minutes before your response is sent,
but with IM and Live Chat, hit that button and its out
there. So much damage is done through people not
taking a few more seconds to consider the effect what
they have written may have on a situation.

Ending a conversation: Its important to properly end

an IM conversation - you may think the chat is over,
but the other person may not.

While your off doing other things, they may be sitting

there staring at the screen waiting for further
communication from you :)

Dont ever lose your cool. Remember, talking with

people is fun and helping people feels great. Be a