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Church History
Chapter 47

Prayer: Conversation with God

Chapter Summary
Prayer: Conversation with God

Prayer is a conversation with a friend (God) that can

be part of everyday life.
God is a friend who knows us completely and loves us
as we are.
Prayer requires conversion, or a change of heart.
Prayer is sometimes hard, but worth it.

Messages to God and

What Is Prayer?
(Handbook, pages 514-517)

Prayer is our way of staying

in touch with God at all times.
When you raise your mind
and heart to God,
you are praying.


Activity: Pray Right Now

Activity: Pray Right Now
Stop. Take time to slow down.
Breathe quietly in and
out a few times.
Tell God what is in your
mind and heart.
Listen to the silence.
Listen some more.
Thank God for listening.
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Tuning in to God
(Handbook, pages 517-519)

God never tires of wanting to be with us.


God Is Always Available

God is never too busy
to listen to us.
We only have to
tune in, listen, linger,
and experience the
divine music in our
hearts and souls.


God Is With Us
Emmanuel means
God is with usalways,
not just at Christmas time.
Think quietly:
When is God with you?
When do you need God
to be with you?
Tell him now: God, please
be with me when . . . . .


When to Pray
(Handbook, page 520)

Because nothing can

separate us from the
love of God, it is always
possible to pray.
God is always loving us,
every second of every day.
We can always be open
to his presence.


Activity: Pray Always

Activity: Praying for Others
Saint Paul wrote, Pray
always for all Gods people.
(Ephesians 6:18)
Pair up to think of people
who need prayer. Write
your prayers, then offer your
petitions aloud for the needs
of Gods people. Respond
to each one with, Lord, hear our prayer.


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When Prayer Is Difficult

(Handbook, pages 521-522)

Our relationship with God can have ups and downs.


Is Anybody There?
When we keep turning
back to God even when
we seem to get a busy
signal, we experience
conversion, a change
of heart.
We stay in touch with
the God who loves us
beyond all understanding.


What to Do When You Cant Pray

When prayer is hard, try some of these ideas:
Say a decade of the Rosary (one Our Father and ten
Hail Marys).
Listen to a favorite hymn or song.
Pray Lord, have mercy ten times, and then be quiet for
awhile. Thank God for mercy!
Try one of these now, aloud as a group or silently.

Bonus Hint: God and Creation

Stay in touch with God by
appreciating creation. Even
cities have parks and green
spaces. Saint Bernard of
Clairvaux once said,What
I know of the divine science
and holy scripture, I learnt
in the woods and fields.
Always be thankful!

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