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9-10 English
January 20th, 2016
*Complete Instructional Checklist*
*Read Partnership Agreement*
*Logon to Blackboard*

Building Relationships
How are you building relationships in
your classroom?
What benefits are you seeing from the
relationships you are building in your

Blackboard Discussion
Login to Blackboard same way you log onto the

Click on 9-10 Block PLC Class
Click on Discussion
Click on Warm-up Discussion January 20th
Go to Create Thread
Subject put Warm-up
Start Typing in Message
Click Submit when completed
Respond to another persons post

Speaking and Listening

Find a partner and stand back to back (10

Listen for Instructions

Share your answer to question #1
Find a different partner stand back to
back (10 seconds)
Share your answer to question #2
Share partners answer with the class

Warm-up Activities/Exit Tickets in

Blackboard as Discussions
Use with Videos
Vocabulary Give definitions and
another student give a sentence using
the word
Grammar transitional words and
another student respond with listing the
transitional word.
Review from previous lessons

Today we will
Analyze student work samples to reflect on students progress

towards end of year expectation goals.

Reflect on what instructional practices have led to success, and
consider how we might enhance instruction in other areas.
Plan for Quarter 3 Implementation & Co-teaching Planning.
Examine and prepare for student AZ Merit testing.
Describe phases of the gradual release of responsibility lesson
cycle and the relationship including the use of formative
assessments throughout each lesson.
Clearly outline student achievement goals for Quarter 4 PLC.
Explore blackboard
Brainstorm ways to implement new teaching strategies into
the classroom.

.Wewill maintainapositive toneatour meetings.
Wewill notcomplainabout aproblemunless
wecanoffer asolution.
Wewill beginandendourmeetingson timeand
stayfullyengagedthroughouteach meeting.
Wewill contributeequallytothe workloadof
Wewill listenrespectfullyandconsider matters
fromanothers perspective.


Welcome and Warm-up 8:10-8:30AM

Performance Level Descriptors for Az Merit 8:30-9:30AM
Analyzing Student Writing Samples 9:30-10:30AM
Units Dive Deep 10:30-11:30AM
Analysis of the AzMerit and EOCA data 11:30AM 12PM
LUNCH 12:00-1:00
Co-teaching: Models and Checklist 1:00 to 1:20PM
Blackboard Implementation 1:20 to 1:50PM
Teach Like A Champion 1:50-2:30PM
Finalize SMART goals for next PLC March 30 th 2:30 to 2:45PM
Review and Closure 2:45-3:00PM

Performance Level Descriptors

AZ Merit
Login to Blackboard and go to Groups Section to find out

which group you are a part of under the ELA Performance

Level Descriptors.
Go to the following website:
Click on the PLD - ELA for Grades 9-10. Examining your
section standards and the 9-10 curriculum, what are ideas
that we could implement to increase the proficiency?
Please record your ideas in the journal section under your
Share ideas with the group (All Stand Up)

Analyzing Student Work

(Self Reflection)

What did students do well on? Why do you think this happened?
What gaps exist? Why might this have happened?
What did you learn about your students through this process?
What did you learn about instruction through this process?
How will you respond to students who did not master the
learning tasks?
How can you extend and enrich the learning for students who
are already proficient?
(Go into Blackboard under discussion and record your
*Share with whole group Numbers Game

Analyzing Student Work

(Group Reflection)
Reflect on the following questions:
1. What do we see? (Factual evidence)
2. What questions does this evidence of student
3. What will we do next based on this evidence?
4. What action plan can we create with dates,
timelines, specific strategies?
(Go into Blackboard under groups and discuss the
following questions with your group Record your
answers in a Wiki and on a poster Submit your Wiki
and Post on the walk when finished)

Gallery Walk
Place a blue sticker next to an area that you agree.
Place a pink sticker next to an area that you may
Place a yellow sticker next to an area that you have a
question about or do not understand.
Place a green sticker next to an area that you would
like to explore.

Dive Deep into the Units

As a group, provide an overview of each
Unit and the major/key components of
each standard found within Unit. Look
at each unit and see how the
assessments align with the PLDs.

Go into blackboard under groups
and find which your group.
Create an emaze (www.emaze.com)
to share your groups ideas.
Submit your emaze in the group
section of blackboard.

AzMerit and EOCA


Check Blackboard Groups

Analyze data elements with AzMerit and EOCA
Directions: Within blackboard groups, teachers
will analyze the important aspects of the
Writing Benchmark and record this information
in the journal section under your group.
On a 3 X 5 card each person in the group needs
write a problem with regard to students
progress in the 9-10 Block. (Send a Problem


Please pair up with your co-teacher
Discuss the 5 models of co-teaching and
ways to utilize these models in your class.

Discuss the co-teaching checklist and the

different responsibilities in the classroom.

Technology Here We Come!
Break into groups:
Group 1 Nikki
Group 2 Jason

Create Assignments
Create Discussion
Create Groups
Create Tests/Quizes

Blackboard Review:
Question: What questions do you have
about Blackboard? (4 Corners

Teach Like A Champion

1. Go to the group section of blackboard and
find out which group you are in for the
Teach Like A Champion section.
2. Discuss with your group write it on a 3
X 5 Card and post into the journal section
this teaching tool and how it can help to
increase the rigor in your classroom.
3. Share your teaching technique with
someone else (Give One Get One)

Teach Like A Champion


No Opt Out Group 1

Right is Right Group 2
Stretch it Group 3
Formal Matters Group 4
Without Apology Group 5

What is our SMART Goal for our

next PLC?

Review Engagement
Questioning Strategies
All Stand Up Each person in class stands up and once they

answer a question they can sit down.

Numbers Game Pick up number and count out that number in
class. The student where that number stops is the one who answers
the question.
Corners Send students to 4 corners of the room and have them
discuss a question within that group can also make them pair up
within that group.
Give One Get One Students pair up and teach a new concept that
they have learned with another student. (Great to use with
vocabulary or mini jigsaw)
Send a Problem - Create questions and send questions to another
person or group to answer. When answers are returned to the
original group that group shares out the solution they liked the best.

Exit Ticket

Click on Content in Bb
Click on Exit Ticket
Click on Write Submission
Answer 3 of the following 6 questions.
Click on Submit

Life Without Teachers

Taking the Teacher Out of the