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The Odd Even Formula works in a way that
Even Numbered Vehicle to run on Even days
while Odd number vehicles will run on odd
It is being implemented for January 1-15 on a
trial basis.

Many reasons may be given in favor of against
the formula and its expected success, but one
thing is certain.
This clearly shows the alarming level of Delhi
Pollution, and Government willingness for its

Delhi has kicked off a sweeping plan to reduce its record-high air pollution by
limiting the numbers of cars on the streets for two weeks.
Here is all you need to know about the traffic rationing:
What:Restriction on cars. Those with registration numbers ending in odd
digits will be allowed to ply on odd dates and those ending in even digits will
run on even dates.
When:Between January 1 and January 15. Sundays are free for all
Timing:8am to 8pm
Fine:On the spot challan Rs 2,000 but no impounding of vehicles
Why:To curb air pollution and road congestion on Delhi roads
Who is exempt
CNG and electric cars - CNG cars will have to get a hologram sticker from
IGL pumping stations and display them prominently on their cars
Two-wheelers Have been kept out as the government doesnt have the
requisite public transport facilities to become a viable alternative.
Women - Cars driven by women and cars that only have women occupants.
Cars driven by women where the male companion is below 12.

Vehicles being used for medical emergencies (trust based)
Vehicles occupied/driven by people with disabilities
Vehicles of: VVIP cars, emergency services and enforcement vehicles
President; Vice-president; Prime Minister; Governors; Chief Justice;
Speaker of Lok Sabha; Union ministers; Leaders of Opposition (Lok Sabha
and Rajya Sabha); Chief ministers of states and union territories (except
those in Delhi); Supreme Court judges; Deputy chairperson of Rajya
Sabha; Deputy speaker Lok Sabha; Lieutenant governors of Union
Territories; Delhi High Court judges; Lokayukta
Emergency vehicles: Ambulances, fire brigade trucks, hospital, prison,
hearse van
Enforcement vehicles: Police, Delhi transport department, authorised by
Delhi Divisional Commissioner, paramilitary forces
Vehicles with ministry of defence number plates
Vehicles with a pilot/escort
Vehicles of SPG protectees
Embassy vehicles with CD numbers

Delhi Chief MinisterArvind Kejriwaltoday announced that AAP government's

odd-even formula will be back on roads from April 15-30. This is the second time
that the formula is being used to check air pollution. Odd-even formula was for
the first time implemented between January 1 and January 15, 2016.
We are starting next phase of odd-even from April 15 as board exam going to
end on April 12.
Odd-even to be implemented for 15 days every month after May.
Maximum people are in favour of not giving exemption to VIPs.
We will buy 1,000 buses to be used during the plan in May and an addition 1,000
buses will be added in August.
Government still working on the exemption list. Women continue to be
At least 81 per cent Delhiites want the plan back on roads.
5,500 private contract for buses are there and we are in talks with them. This
time we are not going to use school buses as public transport.
We are going to employ 500 enforcement instructors to monitor odd-even plan.
This will replace Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). The enforcement instructors
are going to be recruited and trained.
92 per cent people said that they are not going to buy a second car.

The survey also highlighted some critical

Senior citizens and cars carrying four or more
passengers should be exempted.
Saturdays should also be exempted.
employees, for instance 8-11 am, to allow them
commute to work smoothly.
Cars coming from other states should be exempted so
that people coming in to NCR from long distances are
not affected.

There should be a ban on diesel taxis.

Citizens participating in the odd-even plan voluntarily should be
"Around 28,300 suggestions have been received through online
forms while another 9,000 and 1,82,808 have come through
emails and missed called respectively. The government, on its
part, has made more than 9,00,000 calls to gather public
opinion," a senior government official said.
AAP MLAs, who organised Jan Sabhas on the same theme, have
claimed that public opinion was "overwhelmingly" in favour of reintroduction of the scheme.

Piyush Jain
Class VIII B