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Activity A: Video Presentation

1. The class will watch a video presentation entitled,
Religion and Politics in the Phils.
2. After the presentation, the teacher will ask the
students to identify the issues presented in the
3. The class will have a brief discussion on the issues

Activity B: Keynote / PowerPoint Presentation

Activity C: Collaborative Case Analysis
1. After the presentation, the class will be divided into 6 groups. Each group will have
an assigned topic:
a. divorce
b. same-sex marriage
c. abortion
d. euthanasia
e. reproductive health
f. separation of the church and the state
2. Each group will be given the following tasks:
a. Enumerate the salient points of their assigned issue
b. Present the sides of both the church and the state.
c. cite case situations about the assigned topic

Activity D: Reflection Essay

1. After the presentation of each group, the members of each
group, the members will then be asked to write their individual
reflection essay on their personal point of view regarding the
assigned topic.
2. Included in the essay is their view on why it is important to
understand and respect other peoples point of view on
certain religious issues.

Guide Questions:
1. What issues were presented to the class?
2. Why are they controversial?
3. What is the stand of the church regarding these
4. How has society reacted to these issues?
5. How can we foster respect on religious
perceptions and ideas to others?

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