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By Group Echo of Silent

The Group Echo of Silent


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O. Henrys most famous story, The Gift
of the Magi,
It is a classic tale of sacrifice, irony and
wisdom gained.
It is about a couple who long to buy the
perfect holiday gift for each other.
Unfortunately they dont have enough
money to buy gift but they are determined
A short story that give a massage about
the mankind, about sacrifice, about love

Mr. and Mrs. James and Delia Dillingham Young was a
financially-struggling young couple
It was a day before Christmas and they have never passed any
occasion without giving gift each other
Despite her impoverished status, Della Young is determined to
give her husband a Christmas gift.
Della Young decides to sell her beautiful hair to buy a watch fob
for her husbands beloved watch.
When Jim comes home, he is saddened and surprised. He offers
her his gift: bejeweled combs that she no longer needs.
Della offers her gift to Jim. He looks at her and admits that he
has sold his watch to buy her the combs.
The two are overcome with love as they realize they have
sacrificed their most prized possessions for one another.

Plot over view

Introduction: The background information

about Jim and Della, description of setting
and circumstances
Rising Action: Della's difficult decision and
One dollar and eighty-seven cents. And the
next day would be Christmas.
Falling Action: The realization of
generosity and that actions are more
priceless than the possessions. Instead of
obeying, Jim tumbled down on the couch
and put his hands under the back of his
head and smiled.
Denouncement: Jim and Della remain in
love. They already possess the greatest gift
of all, Love for each other.
Climate: Exchange of gift and the


Wealth and Poverty

Love has no bounds

Few Spelling and Meaning from this

This short story contains a huge number difficult words, sentence
and spelling that could be discuss.
We have selected a few important spell and sentence that must
discuss clear understanding of the story

Magi - the wise men from the East who brought gifts
to the infant Jesus

Possessions - the state of having, owning, or

controlling something

Couch - a long upholstered piece of furniture for

several people to sit on

Shabby- in poor condition through long or hard use or

lack of care

Comb's - a strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of

narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair

Sobs - cry noisily, making loud

Finite and Non Finite Verbs in 5 Sentences

The story is narrated as if someone were telling it to you
aloud. How does O. Henry achieve this effect? Basically he
breaks grammar rules. There are lots of sentences that aren't
really sentences, like the opening one:
"One dollar and eighty-seven cents"
Life is made up of little cries and smiles, with more little cries
than smiles.
There was clearly nothing to do but sit down and cry.
And the next day would be Christmas.
She had only one dollar and eighty-seven cents to buy her
husband Jim a gift.
Many a happy hour she had spent planning to buy something
nice for him.

Change in Words class
























Pronunciation according to IPA

/ medaj/
Possession /pzn/
Bejeweled /beyeweled/
/ kom/
Impoverish /mpavr/

Questions & Answer

1. What instances of irony exist in the short story?

An instance of irony in "The Gift of the Magi" is that is that the

girlfriend cuts her hair to buy her boyfriend a gift, but her
boyfriend buys her combs. Another instance of irony is that the
boyfriend sells his fathers pocket watch to get his girlfriend a
gift but his girlfriend buys him a chain for his pocket watch.

2. Does the story end the way that you expect?

Why or why not?

Yes, because of previous experience reading the story.

3. What does the story teach about sacrifice?

You sacrifice the things you love to get something for the
person or people you love.

Central character
There was only three character
1. Della- a loving, warm, selfless, and
devoted woman to her husband
2. Jim- he is the husband of Della who
works long hours but the salary is low
3. Madame Sofronie- the owner of a hair
shop where Della sold her hair
Della and Jim are main character
But central character is Della. Because this
story have been stared with expressing her
difficult decision making. The decision she has
taken is very difficult for any other girl but she
did it to express the love.

What change would Consider

There really is not any better plot than the one explained above. But,
perhaps, one could write about the next
A sequel should pick up with the same characters where the first story
ended. However, a sequel usually contains a different conflict along the
same theme. In "The Gift of the Magi," the couple learns that love is the
best gift. An effective sequel would find a new way for this theme to be
portrayed. Try turning the story on its head. In the first story, Jim and
Della are poor. What if Jim found a new job and began to make lots of
money? Jim and Della might be excited at first and think they would be
happier than ever. But, of course, we know that money can't buy
happiness. Jim and Della might eventually come across some sort of
conflict in their new life and realize that they were happy before they
were wealthy. Perhaps they realize that all they truly needed was the
love they had in the first story. The resolution of the conflict would then
mirror the first story even though the conflict is new.

Especially when you are young, short stories seem like they
should have some tremendous payoff at the end, if for no
other reason than to justify their very shortness.
This is a story of the strength of love. It takes about 5 minutes
to read and will make you think about it long afterwards. It is
short and bittersweet and a good reminder that it's not what
you have but what you choose to do with it that matters.
This exquisite little story beautifully captures the spirit of the
season. It's one for the whole family to enjoy as, with warmth
and wit, it imparts the age old lesson about it being better to
give than to receive.

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