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Advantages of


The Benefits of EC

improved data integrity/accuracy

improved cash flow & cash management
reduced business overhead and maintaining manual


improved control of cash management

greater responsiveness with reduced asset commitment
supports customer collaboration
improved service levels
improved relationships with suppliers and customers
quicker response to changing market needs
work-flow simplification, reduction of tasks
increased productivity (do more with less)
increased efficiency
reduced time to market

Internet Commerce - Examples

Banking and non-bank financial institutions are
among the first sectors to successfully deploy
EC solutions
Well positioned as both direct providers of
financial on-line services and intermediaries in
the on-line payment of goods and services
Leading investors in information technology already fore-runners in the use of innovative
electronic channels as providers of
Call centers
Phone banking services

Building and construction

The actors involved include
a) producers of building material and importers;
b) the wholesalers and the customers;
c) the building contractors.
Using EC will lead to savings of cost and time, with
efficiency being the most important goal.
It may also lead to the implementation of just-in-time
management and improved stock management.
For the wholesalers, the use of IC becomes more
interesting when a building contractor also makes use of
telecommunications services. Wholesalers are forced to
offer added vale and to improve their services to small

Educational institutions, for example, can use EDI to exchange
transcripts and automate applying for admission, and use on-line
payment for registering courses
Offer more convenient access to education with the ability to
customize courses according to customer needs
Education is set to adapt a new just-in-time, on-demand approach to
delivering its products through virtual universities

education brokerages provide product marketing and

advertising and will process customer applications.
They will match customer needs with existing and
prospective courses available from any number of
education suppliers or through customized
combinations of course elements.
a variety of specialized software tools will ensure customized
educational products, such as electronic books, digital libraries, and
online exams, as well as tools that facilitate collaborative interaction.

Government Services
Service for tax return, social security, housing,
vehicle registration, etc. can be offered on the
For example, the Hong Kong SAR has lunched a
project to offer its services electronically using
the Governments Electronic Service Delivery
(ESD) scheme. HK bank pioneers are moving to
providing on-line services and conducting
transactions over the Internet.

Health care
Web-based tools for searching medical literature and find useful
medical information have been developed
Internet can also be used to connect geographically dispersed
health care facilities and to access patient records or films and to
perform remote clinic diagnoses and surgeries.
EC can be incorporated into a hospital information system, which
includes modules for admission/discharge transfer, scheduling and
registration, the electronic patient record, laboratory information,
pharmacy system, and financial management.

Unbeatable Advantages
E-business mail, messaging, and collaboration solutions focus
on one of the most critical assets within an organization people and information. Implementing these solutions can
have a dramatic result on your organizations future.

Here are some important improvements and


Customer Service
Sales Activity


Islands of information
Lack of communication
Decisions in vacuum
Costs rising and hidden
Competition pressure
Suggestions often not heard
Manual processes
Unhappy customers
Out of office, out of touch
Incomplete information
Out of stock



Rich information
Greater collaboration
Better & more informed decision
Costs reduced
Go to market faster
Feedback & ideas shared
Automated procedure & faster response
Increased satisfaction & loyalty
Truly connected and enpowered
Rich information & stronger relationship
Inventory-aware, faster ordering &