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Sustainability at

Siloso Beach Resort

Eco Resort on Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sustainability Leaders in Business, Travel and

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Siloso Beach Resort, Singapore

Siloso Beach Resort (SBR) is a true exemplary of a
corporate entity which places environmental
sustainability as a core tenet of its operating
philosophy and uses it to drive every business
Presidents Award for the Environment 2013

Siloso Beach Resort pool and waterfall

Siloso Beach Resort Sustainability


SBR is committed to provide a

memorable leisure experience while
adopting and showcasing environmental
and sustainability best practices. Our
model is to first protect nature, then to
reduce, reuse and recycle.
Siloso Environmental Statement

Environmental Best Practice at

Environmental and social initiatives focus on:

Preserving the Environment

Minimising Carbon Footprint
Ecologically Conscious Dining
Use Water Wisely
Energy Efficiency
Corporate Social Responsibility

Conservation at Siloso Beach

Unconventional construction techniques were used
to build over 200 hotel rooms while preserving over
200 fully grown trees and planting 450 trees post
At the resort, the trees are literally integrated with
the building structure
Maximization of natural lighting through an open
concept, which also allows freedom in movement of
birds and insects through the resort premises
Conceptualized in 2003 with
the flora and fauna, Siloso
preserved all natural habitats
in its surrounding area

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

Numerous self sustained ponds have been implemented
throughout the resort. In addition to providing habitats
for a
diversity of species,
these ponds are
also growing
grounds for fish
that eat mosquito
larvae, as well as
dragonflies, which
effectively serve as
a natural mosquito
control agent.

Carbon Footprint at Siloso Beach

Open design concept saves energy
SBR has the largest self maintained roof top garden in
Singapore, which creates a cooling effect in the whole
The rooftop garden needs no watering as a plastic layer beneath the
soil traps water that feeds tree roots

Third generation heat-exchange chiller system, increasing

its energy efficiency
Below the resort lies a natural spring which naturally flows
up. As such, SBR carbon footprint through water energy use
is very low

In 2013 Siloso teamed up with

carbon offset specialist company
Nexus Carbon for Development

Organic Dining at Siloso Beach

Food waste (composting system) is used to grow
lettuces, herbs and organic vegetables on the roof top
Part of the produce from the garden is served at the resorts
Food is first sourced from local and nearby countries

A special machine uses bacteria to convert unused

food into fertilized water
Meals and events are well planned to minimize food
The beachfront caf is not serving any meat from
endangered species like shark fins, blue fin tuna, and
tiger shrimps.

Water Management at Siloso

Beach Resort
Natural Spring Water Landscape Pool (95m)
In conserving precious water, the source is collected
from a natural underground spring water reservoir.
Instead of using harsh chemicals, they sanitized the
pools with perfectly safe ionized salt, healthier for both
guests and the environment.

Auto-cut-off for public taps, optional towel and

linen program for guests
Installed are water-efficient showers warmed by
waste heat from the air-conditioning system

Energy Efficiency at Siloso Beach

A multitude of practices and energy saving
technologies are used throughout the resort to
reduce energy consumption:
Third generation heat exchange system
Balanced wave technology
Energy efficient lighting and electrical appliances

Saving energy through passive design

Open air corridors
One of the largest insulating roof top gardens in Singapore

Corporate Sustainability at SBR

At SBR we are convinced that corporate sustainability is
the only way forward and we will continue to our journey
towards continuous improvement in this direction.
We believe that a single small business like ourselves can
play a role by not just adopting such practices to our own
business but, in our opinion even more importantly, to
remain active in sharing these practices by outreaching to
society and possibly inspiring many others to adopt a
similar development path.
Mr Kelvin Ng, Managing Director, Siloso Beach Resort

Community Engagement at SBR

Free educational eco-tour conducted within and
around resort for resort guests, schools, and walk-in
Help support and sponsor projects from
environmentally conscious groups. Such as Singapore
Environmental Council, Singapore Compart for CSR,
Promote the nearby eco trails and have developed
eco-games based on environmental

Biodiversity portal of Sin


Sustainability Communication at
SBR uses numerous environmental outreach
messages onsite through various means, such as
mascots, display panels, in house environmental
TV channels, to promote awareness on the most
pressing global and local environmental issues,
such as global climate change, pollution,
biodiversity losses, water conservations

Siloso Beach Resort Awards

For its commitment to sustainability,
Siloso Beach Resort is honoured to be
awarded many environmental
recognitions, the most important of
which are:
TUV Rheinland Certification as an Eco
SEC Eco Hotel Certification
ASEAN Business Award 2012
Singapore Sustainability Award 2011
Singapore Environmental Achievement
Award Top Achiever 2010

Siloso Beach Resort is also a member

of the United Nations Global Compact
The UN Global Compact asks
companies to embrace, support
and enact, within their sphere of
influence, a set of core values in
the areas of human rights, labour
standards, the environment and

Sustainable Business Siloso

Beach Resort
Sustainability is a core component of the business
model with strong initiatives at all levels of
3 guiding principles:
The natural terrain
would be preserved;
The trees would be
The resort would have
minimum covered area.

More information:
Beach Resorts Su
stainability Repor
t 2014

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