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Management Information


What is an Information System?

A set of interrelated components that
collect (or retrieve), process, store, and
distribute information to support decision
making and control in an organization
Data: Streams of raw facts representing
events such as business transactions
Information: Clusters of facts meaningful
and useful to human beings in the
processes such as making decisions

Management Information
Management Information System (MIS) is
an organized, automated, and diverse
information system that gathers, stores,
processes, and distributes data associated
with different departments of the
This data is processed in various forms,
such as graphs, diagrams, charts, and
reports to generate accurate, relevant and
valuable information for the management.

This information is further

communicated to the various
departments to be used for decisionmaking and business management.
MIS system provides central storage
of all the business information.

Definition of MIS
According to JeromeKanter "Management Information
System isa system that aids management in making,
carryingout and controlling decisions. Here
Management Information System is a system that
aids management in performing itsjob
According to G.B Davis, a Management Information
System is "an integrated man / machine system for
providing information to support the operations,
management and decision making functions in an
organizations. Here the system utilizes hardware and
software, manual procedures, management decision
model and data base.

asan integrated,usermachinesystemforprovidinginformationtosupport operations,
management, and decision making functions of an organization.
ocedures; model for analysis, planning, control and decisionmaking and adatabase.
According George W. Raynolds MISconcept as a collection
ofsubsystems and related program parts or modules that are
interconnected in a manner which fulfils the information
requirements necessary to plan, organize, direct and control
business activities. It is a system for producing and delivering
timely information that will support management in
accomplishing its specific tasks in an enterprise.

Raw data from a supermarket checkout counter can be processed and organized to produce
meaningful information, such as the total unit sales of dish detergent or the total sales
revenue from dish detergent for a specific store or sales territory.

Need of an Information
Operational Excellence
New Products, Services & Business
Customer & Supplier Relationship
Improved Decision Making
Competitive Advantage

Natureof Management Information

agement Information System was to
process data fromthe organization
andpresent itin the form of reports at
regular intervals.

This concept was further modified due
to the need that
investigation or research