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Speech and Theater

Amarillo College (2007 2009)

West Texas A&M University (2009 2011)
Lubbock Christian University (2011 now)


Teaches Math ( High School)

Fire Fighter

Cyber Security Major in College


Video Games
Table Top Miniature Games
Board Games

Hanging with Friends


To me teaching is about one thing learning. For me,

teaching students comes down to giving them the tools to
express themselves in a positive way. Throughout my
classes students will learn to express themselves in multiple
As I teach students I hope to learn from them and learn to
express myself better as well.

Educational Philosophy

Be in your seat ready to learn when the tardy bell

No eating or drinking in the classroom or auditorium. This
includes candy, drinks, etc. Permission may be given on
special occasions.

Supplies / Materials
You should always have paper and a writing instrument.
Binder with Dividers.
(Optional) Pack of Notecards

Classroom Expectations
(Part 1)

Acceptable Use Policy

The district has implemented an acceptable use policy and you and your parents
have signed it at some point. You will have Internet access within the lab, and are
expected to act responsibly at all times. While you are encouraged to explore the
Internet for educational purposes, certain activities are not allowed:
Online Chat Rooms.
Personal communication applications such as Instant Messenger or similar applications.
Objectionable sites such as Porn Sites, Hate sites, or other sites that contain any
obscene or objectionable information, language, or images.

Classroom Expectations
(Part 2)

Grading Policy

You will have daily assignments, speeches, performances, six weeks test, and
classroom participation. You will also have a semester exam.
Daily .....50%
(including projects, daily assignments, participation)
(projects will count more than once)
Speeches/Performances ...30%
(This includes your speech, your outline, and any note cards you used for the speech)
Six Weeks Tests.....20%

Classroom Expectations
(Part 3)

Late Work/Makeup Policy

Almost all of the work we do in class is displaying a skill in front of the
teacher and other students. As such most work will be due in class.
Differences in the two classes are as follows:
Theater: If you are not able to be there at the time you are appointed to act
out a skit or part of a play you will have to schedule a time with me to do
Speech: As a general rule for speeches, if you know you are going to be
absent the day you are assigned to give a speech you must switch with
another student and have them agree to it. If you do not do so you may
make up the speech on the makeup day at a penalty of 20 points. If you
happen to be sick on that day and have a doctors note excusing you, you
may still give your speech on the makeup day without any penalty.

Classroom Expectations
(Part 4)

Leaving my classroom
During Class:
I will write passes out to students at the beginning of each
six weeks. You must give me one of your passes and allow
me to sign and date it. It will be your pass to your
destination and will be turned in when you return.

End of class:
Do not line up at the door to leave, you must stay in your
seats until I give you permission to leave the room.

Classroom Expectations
(Part 5)

Behavioral Expectations:

Respect others, me, and yourself.

Present yourself in a way that others will respect you.
Be polite in how you interact with others.
Be mature with how you act.
Be prepared to learn and understanding about the messages that others
Be prepared to take constructive criticism and give constructive
If you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all.
Better yet, if youre going to say something that isnt nice, dont say it.

Classroom Expectations
(Part 6)

1. Be in your seat when the bell rings with your notebook,

paper, and pencil ready.
2. If you need supplies request them before the bell rings
to begin class.
3. If you are absent from class for the day check in with
me for anything you have missed for the day.
4. Going to the auditorium should be done quick, quietly,
and without discussion.

Classroom Procedures

1. If you need to sharpen your pencil, raise your hand, I

will acknowledge you and let you sharpen your pencil.
2. I will release you from class, not the bell. I will
generally give you time to pack up as we go over what
we talked about in class that day.
3. When watching a speech or performance stay quiet and
be the audience you would wish to have. Laugh at
appropriate times.

Classroom Procedures

In descending order
1. Warning
2. Teacher Student Talk
3. Parent/Teacher Conference
4. Office Referral


1. Fighting
2. Cussing
3. Behavior inappropriate for the classroom

Instant Referrals

My classroom is meant to be a safe place for students to learn how to

display skills and articulate their ideas without ridicule. Students will be
able to speak their morals, their viewpoints, and their ideas, within reason,
without fear of others putting them down for it. I do not allow any form of
hate speech, nor do I allow bullying, and swift punishment will come on
those who decide to use either in my classroom or around me in the school
I would like to be able to have a relaxed atmosphere where students can
learn from me and I from them. I hope to have an enjoyable time this year
with you.

Final Thoughts