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Ray Bradbury

Author of
A Sound of Thunder

Born in Waukegan,

Some of Bradburys favorite

books to read as a child were:
Tarzan books
Buck Rogers
John Carter
Warlords of Mars

Bradbury began writing at the age of 12.

Here he is at a much younger age!

He loved movies. The first one he saw

was The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Bradbury published his first

story as a senior in high school.

He could not afford college, so

he educated himself at the
He was paid for his work for
the first time at the age of 21.

Ray Bradbury died on June 15,


Were going to go with real people

and land on Mars in the next 20
years, and Im going to be buried in a
Campbells soup can on MarsIll be
the first one up there.

The automobile is the most

dangerous weapon in our society
cars kill more than wars do. More
than 50,000 people will die this year
because of them and nobody seems
to notice.

Science fiction is a great way to

pretend you are writing about the
future when in reality you are
attacking the recent past and the


For what genre of

writing do you
think Ray Bradbury
is best known?

In what state
was Bradbury

Explain the title



If you could travel in

time, forwards or
backwards, what time
period would you visit?
Why? What would you do
while you are visiting?

The way a writer creates and develops
characters personalities. There are 4
basic methods of characterization:
Writer makes direct comments about a
characters personality through the
Writer describes characters physical
appearance through description
Writer presents the characters own
thoughts, speech, and actions
Writer presents other characters
thoughts about, speech, and actions
towards the character