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Hip hop song released in 1993 from
Tupacs album Strictly 4 My
Features Shock G and Money-B
Tupac is one of the most notorious hip
hop artists and has been incredibly
influential within the genre


It is common for this genre to have a performance music video, with a
crowd or group of people in the background dancing/enjoying themselves
to the rapper/MC (a). Additionally it is common for the hip hop genre,
which was especially dominated by men when this music video came out,
to sexualise and objectify women in their music videos (b) and (c).
Another characteristic of the genre is that its fashion involved a lot of
bragging and boasting about how much money you have, this often
involved expensive and flashy jewellery and expensive well known
brands (d). Also the mise en scene of the whole music video involves
costumes that are colourful and fashionable; exotic and affluent looking
location of a mansion; props like cigars which connote being wealthy and
the upper class. The reason this music video and many others within the
genre do this is so the audience aspire to be like them.

There is a illustrative and amplifying relationship between the visuals and
lyrics, for example Tupac raps about respect, he then in the visuals shakes
the hand of another character (e), therefore we can assume that this is
illustrating the lyrics, and that character deserves respect. Within the
visuals it often cuts to many sexualised women (f) and (g) who seem to
follow/chase Tupac around (h), the chorus of the song states how he gets
around, which is slang for being promiscuous. Therefore because the
women are physically chasing him this amplifies the lyrics because the
viewer is also assuming that Tupac has slept with these women because
he is objectifying them and how sexualised they are, so there is much
emphasise on the chorus of how he gets around, which is also reinforced
by this being the songs title.

In the beginning where the music is more simplistic and few rap verses, the
visuals are introducing us to the setting and subtle story of the visuals, and the
simplistic music allows the viewer to take this in, instead of concentrating on the
lyrics. However when the music does become more complex and dynamic at 0.22
through more keys added and Tupac starts to properly rap, the visuals correspond
with this by Tupac opening doors, suggesting he's welcoming us into his song
making the audience feel more involved. Additionally there is a very casual and
unchoreographed dance move that is sometimes performed like at 2.21, but
synchronises with the beat of the music. This makes the visuals feel more suited
to the music, and also makes the characters look and feel like they are in control,
therefore the audience view them as more powerful. Generally throughout the
music there is little change in tempo and pace so the camera work throughout
also generally stays smooth and hand held in order to not throw off the viewer,
and so what they're are hearing and seeing corresponds making the whole
package of the visuals and music look more professionally made. However when


Within the visuals there are many close ups of Tupac's face (i), (j) and (k)
so the audience know that its his music video and his style, so the
production company can make an artist into a brand that they can easily
sell. So if Tupac's face is more recognisable and familiar this makes it
easier to do and therefore get more money. Moreover Tupacs iconic
THUG LIFE tattoo (l) is on show in the video, many of his other songs
are about being a thug, such as Thug N U Thug N Me or Thug Style.
Also within the lyrics he refers to himself as 2pacalypse, which he also
often does and 2pacalyspe now is the name of his debut album. These
motifs again make Tupac more stylised and unique therefore more
memorable for the production company to easily sell to the audience.

Within the music video Tupac often has eye contact with the camera, this
creates a link between Tupac and the audience. This is because Tupac is
making the audience feel as though they are being directly addressed,
therefore they feel involved and like Tupac is giving them an insight to his
life, which going by this music video is lavish and extravagant , which
would perpetuate the audiences ambition to be like him. Moreover there is
also a voyeuristic treatment of the female body, every female within this
video is sexualised and objectified, and they hold no major screen time or
are shown to be of any importance whatsoever. This is combined with the
theme of the song which is shown through its lyrics like All respect to
those who break their neck to keep their hoes in check or Don't be picky,
just be happy with this quickie", which is basically indicating that its a
good thing to be promiscuous with women but then treat them with no
respect, implying that they are simply there to be looked at.