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Charles Joseph Ogala

Instructor: Asst.Prof.Dr. Vesile Evrim
What Is Agile?
Agile methodology is an
approach to project
management, typically used in
software development. It helps
teams respond to the
unpredictability of building
software through incremental,
iterative work cadences, known
as sprints.
The idea of revisiting phases over
and over is called “incremental
and iterative”

 This simple process dramatically

improves project efficiency.
 The development lifecycle is
cut up into increments or
“iterations” .
methodology dominated
software development for decades.

have shown that only 9%
to 16% are considered on time and
 Waterfallusually assume that project
requirement can accurately be gathered
at the beginning of project .

 TraditionalIT manager have made valiant

effort to craft and adhere to large
development plans.
•No phase start until the previous phase has
Why Agile
Any enterprise that aspires to
respond to real time must have the
ability to be agile when needed.
Agile is successful because it:
• It stresses customer satisfaction.

• Emphasizes team work ( simple, yet

 Work can began before all the
requirement are known.

 Agile methodologies build trust

and confidence as the customer
is part of the team .
 Agile method promote an iterative.
mechanism for producing software.

 Agile method is cost efficient.

 Help companies to produce the right

 Themost popular agile
methodologies include Extreme
Programming (XP), Scrum,
Crystal, Dynamic Systems
Development Method (DSDM),
Lean Development, and Feature-
Driven Development (FDD).
 XPconcentrates on the development rather
than managerial aspects of software projects.

 XP projects start with a release planning phase,

followed by several iterations, each of which
concludes with user acceptance testing.
Auser or are representative is
part of the XP team, so he or she
can add detail to requirements
as the software is being
 Integrateoften. Development teams must
integrate changes into the development
baseline at least once a day.

 Project
velocity. Velocity is a measure of how
much work is getting done on the project.
 Pairprogramming. All code for a production release
is created by two people working together at a single

 Projectvelocity. Velocity is a measure of how much

work is getting done on the project.

 Userstory. A user story describes problems to be

solved by the system being built.