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Practice Question

MgCO3(s)+ H2SO4(aq)==> MgSO4(aq)+

What mass of magnesium carbonate is needed
to make 6 dm3of carbon dioxide at r.t.p?[Ar's:
Mg = 24, C = 12, O = 16, H =1 and S = 32]
1. Find number of moles of CO2 in 6 dm3
2. Use mole ratio between CO2 and MgCO3 to
determine how many moles of MgCO3 is needed.
3. Convert moles of MgCO3 to mass

Practice Question
Mg(s)+ 2HCl(aq)==> MgCl2(aq)+ H2(g)
How much magnesium is needed
to make 300 cm3of hydrogen gas
at r.t.p? (Mg = 24, H = 1, Cl = 35.5)

Practice Question
What volume of carbon dioxide is
formed at RTP when 5g of carbon
is burned?
(C =12, O = 16)
C(s) + O2(g) ==> CO2(g)
1. Convert mass of carbon into moles
2. Use mole ratio to determine how
many moles of CO2 will be produced
3. Convert moles of CO2 to volume

Practice Question
CaCO3(s)+ 2HCl(aq)==> CaCl2(aq)+
H2O(l)+ CO2(g)
Calculate the volume of carbon
dioxide, in dm3, when 5 g of calcium
carbonate dissolves in the acid.
(Ca=40, C=12, O=16, Cl=35.5, 1
mol gas = 24 dm3at room

Calculations involving
concentrations and volumes
Concentration is measured in moldm -3. it
tells us how many moles of a substance is
present in 1 dm3/1000cm3 of a solution.
The units of moldm-3 is sometimes
expressed as molarity, M.
Concentration may also be expressed in
Titrimetric analysis can be used to
determine the concentration of a particular

Basic calculations
A solution of NaOH has a
concentration of 4g/dm3. What is its
concentration in mol/dm3?
(Na = 23, O = 16, H = 1)
What is the concentration of a
0.0500M solution of Na2CO3, in g/dm3
(Na = 23, O = 16, C = 12)

Your turn
Some dilute sulphuric acid had a
concentration of 4.90g/dm3. What is
its concentration in M?
(H = 1 , S = 32, O = 16)

Example 1
25cm3 of 0.5M HCl was used to neutralise 35
cm3 of NaOH soln. Determine the conc. Of
NaOH soln in moldm-3 and gdm-3 (Na = 23g,
16g, H = 1)
1. Write the balanced equation for the rxn
2. Determine the # of moles of HCl used
3. Use the mole ratio to determine the # of
moles of NaOH neutralized
4. Determine the concentration of NaOH

Your turn
A solution of sodium hydroxide
contained 0.250 mol dm-3. Using
phenolphthalein indicator, titration of
25.0 cm3of this solution required
22.5 cm3of a hydrochloric acid
solution for complete neutralization.
Calculate the concentration of HCl

Your Turn
If 20 ml of HCl requires 30ml of 0.125
M NaOH to get the equivalence point.
Find out the molarity of the unknown

Lets try this one

25.0 mL samples of hydrochloric acid
solution were titrated against
standard sodium carbonate solution
of concentration 0.9955M. Titres of
29.3 mL, 27.6mL, 27. 8 mL, 27.7 mL
and 27.8 mL were obtained.
Calculate the concentration of the
HCl solution.

And another one

Class Work
20.4 cm3 of 0.5M Na2CO3 reacts with
HNO3. Calculate the volume of HNO3
required to
neutralize the Na2CO3

Question 1
What is the stoichiometric coefficient for
oxygen when the following equation is
balanced using the lowest, whole-number
___ C3H8O(l) + ___ O2(g) ___ CO2(g) + ___ H2O(l)

A) 3
B) 5
C) 7
D) 9

Question 2
What is the sum of the coefficients when
the following equation is balanced using
the lowest, whole numbered coefficients?
___ PH3(g) + ___ O2(g) ___ P4O10(s) + ___
A) 10
B) 12
C) 19
D) 22

Question 3
What is the molar mass of hydrogen
A) 1.00 g/mol
B) 2.00 g/mol
C) 6.02 1023 g/mol
D) 1.20 1023 g/mol

Question 4
How many moles of CuO can be
produced from 0.450 mol of Cu2O in
the following reaction?
2 Cu2O(s) + O2(g) 4 CuO(s)

A) 0.225 mol
B) 0.450 mol
C) 0.900 mol
D) 1.80 mol

Question 5
In an acid-base neutralization reaction
23.74 mL of 0.500 M potassium
hydroxide reacts with 50.00 mL of
sulfuric acid solution. What is the
concentration of the H2SO4 solution?

A) 0.119 M
B) 0.237 M
C) 0.475 M
D) 2.11 M