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CHN-203 Mechanical Operations

Prof. P. P. Kundu
Department of Chemical Engineering,
IIT Roorkee

Factor affected on filtration

Pressure drop ( P )
Area of filtering surface ( A )
Viscosity of filtrate ( v )
Resistance of filter cake ( )
Resistance of filter medium ( Rm )
Properties of slurry ( )

-(P) or

rate of filtration = driving force/resistance

Filter cake ()
Filter medium (Rm)
Viscosity ()

So= Cross
area of the bed

Flow through pipe at turbulent region

The friction factor, f is defined as the ratio of
the wall shear stress to the product of density
and the velocity head.

For flow the porous channels, L = L, the length of

channel and Ps = P, the total pressure drop and

By putting the value of average velocity

and equivalent diameter of channel

This is the Bruke-Plummer equation, where

the value of 2 is 0.5.