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Children's Book

Sjon Barnes

The Gruffalo
Visual Style
The book is very bright and colorful, this really stands out to the audience
the book is for. The book art style is also quite simple with not much detail
going into the trees but just enough to make the pictures look good enough
for the audience.

The layout for text and images is different to mine, instead of having the text
on a different page to the image, there all on the same page. This is good as
it saves space in the book, to make it a bit shorter.

The Gruffalo
Fonts and Text
The font of the text isnt big and bubbly as most children's books are, but I
guess this book would be preferably read to the child by a parent rather than
the child reading it, also the font is very simple and bland like Times New
Roman or Ariel type of fonts. The use of italics when the characters speak is
useful because sometimes the child or parent cant tell the difference
between speaking and a narrator in a book. Based on the pages I have seen
from this book, there is an approximately 63 words per page, compared to
my test text page which has an average of 40-50 words per page.

The Gruffalo
Author, Publisher and Illustrator
The author behind this book is called Julia Davidson, and other than the
Gruffalo has also written many other book which are well known for example
Room on the broom. The Illustrator who drew this book is called Axel
Scheffler, he has illustrated all of Julia Davidsons books. The company that
published The Gruffalo are Macmillan Childrens Books, and this book was
published 4th September 2009. This book was 5th best in Amazons Children's
Book Classics section.

Number Of Pages and Size

The book has 26 pages, and the dimensions are 14.6cm x 1.7cm x 18.5cm.
There would have been a lot more pages but the page layout style the
illustrator and publisher went for almost halved the pages, which is a good
thing as a childrens book cant be that big.

The Cat In The Hat

Visual Style
The style of the Cat in the Hat books are very unique and is only done in Dr
Seuss books. Its very cartoony yet it keeps the hand drawn element
throughout the illustrating process, as many childrens books are this one is
simple in style

The layout of images and texts are the same in The Gruffalo, all on one
page, the text would be placed on some white space somewhere close to the
illustration, but The Cat In The Hat manages to disguise the text in the
environment instead of it looking like the text is just put on there, and the
text colours are similar to the colours of the picture.

The Cat In The Hat

Fonts And Text
As I said on the previous slide the text merges with the picture instead of
looking like its stuck onto the page. The text has the same art style as the
images, making the text look bubbly and appealing to children to read.
Approximately this book has 23 words per page which is a low amount of
words for a book, but the images tell the story more than the words do which
is why there is such a low amount of words per page.

The Cat In The Hat

Author, Publisher and Illustrator
The author of this book is Dr Seuss, who is a very famous children's book
writer, he is most famous for The Cat In The Hat. Dr Seuss is also the
Illustrator for his books as well, which cuts production costs as the publishers
would only have to pay one man for twice the work. The publisher for the
book are the Harper Collins childrens books, this book was published on the
1st March 2004.

Number Of Pages and Size

There are 64 pages in this book, despite having low numbers of words per
page, it turned into lots of pages and images, this could have been solved by
adding more words per page to decrease the number of pages. The
dimensions of this book are 16.3cm x 0.5cm by 22.5cm.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Visual Style
The style of this book, makes it look very hand drawn and painted, its very
muted as the colours dont stand out as much in the early pages. The
artwork is very simple but not as cartoon like as the other books I have

The layout of text and images is similar to the other books I have researched
but, instead of having text and images on the same page, this book has a
Image and text page then the next page will be just an image. This layout
has made the book bigger, but the images tell the story more because there
are more images to look at for the demographic of children aged 3-6.

The Very Hungry

Font And Text
The font in the book isnt as bubbly as The Cat In The Hat but is better for
reading than The Gruffalo. This font is very bold making it easier to read for
younger children. The text contains words like pop! making the text more
interactive for the children when parents read this to the children.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Author, Publisher and Illustrator
The author of this book is called Eric Carle, who is only famous for this book.
The publisher of this book is Puffin and the book was released on the 29th
September 1994. Finally the illustrator for this book is also Eric Carle, which
as I said on The Cat In The Hat slides, is good for publishers as only one
person will be paid but this one author/illustrator could just be paid double
the amount than usual.

Number Of Pages and Size

The book contains 26 pages, which would be much less if it wasn't for the
peculiar layout that Eric Carle chose to use. The dimensions of this book are
13.3cm x 1.2cm x 18.1cm, which makes it the longest but smallest book, out
the 3 books.