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Hong kong
Popular Republic of China
Consisting of one peninsula and several islands in the
southern sea coast of China Meriodional.
Until 1 June of 1997 was colony of the United Kingdom.
Capital victory hong kong

Hong kong
Head executive : Leung Chun-ying.
Prime Minister: Carrie Lam
President of the Legislative Council :
Jasper Tsang


The region has been occupied by the Chinese since the Neolithic
era, formed a small fishing community, haven for pirates and
smugglers of Opium area.
17century fight between Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.
Its after the first Opium war when the island, Hong Kong has a
place in history transferred for china to Britain by the 1842 in treaty
of Nanking.
Colony increased with the addition of the New territories.
Establishment in 1912 of the republic of China, HK became the first
time in Chinese political refuge for exiles from mainland.
The civil war between nationalists and communists in China brought
new waves of Chinese who took refuge in the territory, communist
victory in 1949.

Hks economy

As one of the worlds leading international financial centres,hong

kong service oriented economy is charaterised by its low taxation.
Had the highest degree economic freedom in the world since the
inception of the index in 1995.
Economic stregths include a sound banking system, virtually no
public debt, a strong legal system ample foreign exchange reserves,
rigorous anti-corruption measures and close ties with the mainland
In 2009 real economic growth fell by 2.8% as a result of the global
financial turmoil.
528.2 billion dolars.
To China, United States, United Kingdom and European Union.
560.2 billions
To China, European Union, Japon, Singapour.

hks economy

Hks culture
Was born in a sophisticated fusion of fast and
west. Not have chinese traditions,but
experiences a baptism of western culture.
Typical languages that the people speak
Chinese, Cantonese and English.
As a culinary capital of Asia,boasts various
delicacies in local or from overseas. City was
influenced by western countries and some of the
foods there combine the flavors of chinese and
western cuisine

Hks culture
People celebrate traditional holidays,such as
Lunar New Year, Ching Ming festival,
Kun fu is accepted as a form of entertaiment
and exercise. Tai chi refered to a shadow
boxing development many years ago .
Taoism, buddhism, christianism, islam and
other religious belief belonged to the region.
Taoist temples are very common there

Air pollution has reached its highest
A fluorescent blue radiance has affected
Hong Kong.

New laws
1. We will created new ecological sources to reduce
2. You could have all the babies you want,girls or boys, and
abort is prohibited.
3. We will expand the wagge of the workers
4. We might dont corrupt and we promise destroy all the
gangster groups
5. We will create free hospitals and free sanitary for all the
6. We will introduce new taxes to help poor people that
have economical problems
7. We will create new public and private schools,because
all the people of hong kong have to study to find good
8. All the people has the same rights

Vote us !
We are the future!