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Republic Act No.

Anti-Child Abuse Law
Special Protection of Children

Against Child Abuse, Exploitation

and Discrimination Act

1. Maisilang at magkaroon ng personalidad.

2. Mabigyan ng tahanan at pamilyang magaaruga at sapat na edukasyon.
3. Mabigyan ng proteksyon laban sa pangaabuso, panganib at karahasan
4. Malayang maipahayag ang sariling
pananaw at opinion
5. Mahasa at mapaunlad ang kakayahan

The State shall intervene on

behalf of the child when the
parent, guardian, teacher
person having care or custody of
the child, fails or is unable to
protect the child against abuse,
exploitation and discrimination.

It shall be the policy of the

State to protect and
rehabilitate children gravely
threatened or endangered by
circumstances which affect
or will affect their survival
and normal development.

Persons below eighteen (18) years of age;
Or those over but are unable to fully take
care of themselves or protect themselves
from abuse, neglect, cruelty, exploitation or
discrimination because of physical or mental
disability or conditions; (Section 3 (a), R.A.

Refers to maltreatment, whether habitual
or not of the child which includes any of the
1. Psychological and physical abuse, neglect,

2.Any act by deeds or words which debases,

degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth
and dignity of a child as a human being;

Unreasonable deprivation of his basic

needs for survival, such as food and
shelter, or


Failure to immediately give medical

treatment to an injured child
resulting in serious impairment of his
growth and development or in his
permanent incapacity or death;


Sexual ABuse
Child Prostitution
May be for money, profit, or any other
or due to the coercion or influence of
any adult
Offender commits the act of sexual
intercourse of lascivious conduct
with a child shall be punished

Child Trafficking
engage in trading and dealing with
children including, but not limited to,
the act of buying and selling of a
child for money, or for any other
consideration, or barter

Obscene Publications
and Indecent Shows
Live shows
Pornographic materials

Other acts punishable

1. person who is in the company of
minor twelve (12) years or under or
who in ten (10) years or more his
junior in any public or private place
2. one who delivered the minor
3. manager or owner of the

Other acts punishable

4. one who forces or uses the child to
5. one who forces or uses the child as
conduit in drug trafficking
6. forces or uses the child to commit a

Bantayan ang kanilang mga ginagawa
Huwag ipagkait ang pagtuturo tungkol
sa usaping sekswal
Maging mapanuri at mapagbantay sa
taktika ng pagmomolestya
Bigyang impormasyon ang mga anak at

The best interests of the

child shall be paramount