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Group- 4



Rahnmua Zannatun Shithi


Nagib Mahfuj


Jannatul Naim


Partho Ghosh


Olitalia Olive Oil is a unique oil that features a smooth and extra-light taste, making it suita
ble for dishes and recipes requiring a mildly flavored oil.
Its a blend of only the finest Mediterranean olive varietals and is a natural source of bio ph
enols, powerful anti-oxidants that protect low density cholesterol (LDL) from oxidative da
This oil can be the ideal partner for a healthy diet because it is low in saturated fats.

Executive summary
Olitalia, an ISO certified company, is one of the world's leading edible oil producer and its busi
ness expands over 130 countries in the world.
It came with the claims of having vitamin E and biological anti-oxidants in it which prevents ski
n sagging and wrinkles, the company said in a statement
The company won the superior taste award by International Taste and Quality Institute in 200
Olitalia is also working with Diabetic Association, Bangladesh in creating awareness for preve
ntion of diabetics

Background of the company

Olitalia is basically an Italian brand
Their rich offering has everything anyone needs to prepare, cook and fry the favorite dish

They believe that- A recipe weve been adopting for decades to help us all eat well and live be
When they started they put advertisements on newspaper to reach people

Market Research

Olitalia is not that much failing brand but they have some serious issue what has been there way
in reaching the level where they should be after being one of the most pioneer extra virgin olive oil
brand in Bangladesh.
Pricing: Olitalia has a price range that is higher than average when we compared it with other
varients of oils.
Lack of proper Marketing: Now-a-days people buy things by watching tvcs and advertisement
s but Olitalia has the tendency to ignore media
Social Media Platform: Now a days social media is the most important part which will help yo
u in the race with this growing your place in food market
Size issue: The size that Olitalia offers for their oil is a issu indeed

Communication planning source

SWOT analysis of Olitalia:

Strength: Since Olitalia is one of those edible oil companies who is doing business for last 30 ye
ars and its one of the greatest strength for them.

weakness On the contrary, weakness of Olitalia is mark able and not ignorable but for past few y
ears they seems not to pay attention on it and for that Olitalia the name is almost lost.

opportunities It seems like they are happy with their situation and they are not well aware of their
competitor. If Olitalia can avoid this and accept to promote it will be a great turning point for them.

Threat Olitalia isnt taking any actions against them or they have lacking of competitive response
towards other. By not taking any competitive action is the biggest threat of Olitalia to conquer.

Communication planning source

Current segmentation, targeting and positioning: Currently Olitalia is following dem

ographic segmentation. Olitalias availability placement is also based on social clas
s, family and educational institute basis .
Currently Olitalia is focusing on verients.

Promotion Strategy

Olitalia promoted their products directly to the customer. They were always focusing their existing
loyal customer.

Advertising and mass media promotion :





Promotion Strategy
Word of mouth referrals: There are several food bloggers and beauty bloggers who are now re
nowned for their food review and the way they describe the food value and nutrition facts.
Customer relationship management: We are giving coupon payment to our royal customer. And
will take some personal information from customer

The Communication theme

Olitalias light taste is widely famous among people all over the world but nowadays competitio
n in very fierce in the fast edible oil industry.
It is also good for hair care. If these messages can be reached to the customers, they would d
efinitely get interested to buy the oil.
Olitalia is the olive oil brand most distributed in the world for that a tagline will also promote.
Healthy since its birth will be the big idea for Olitalia as they are pioneer in this oil industry.

The Communication theme

Advertisement: We mainly focused for more customers, increased sales and brand recognition.
While planning tools and media to promote Olitalia.
Introduce Health Seminars
Introducing Seasonal Offer
Introduce Sms code offer
Introduce a limited time special edition offer for the customers
Selfie Campaign
Message/ strategy tagline: Simple slogans get attached in the brain through radio commercials
ad televisions.
Consumer Benefit:
customers can get better nutrition as olive oil contains anti-oxidant and has less saturated fat.
customers can take care of their skin and hair with the same product which is cost effective.
The foods that are cooked in olive oil tastes better than other oil .

The Communication theme

media will be used

Coverage and cost effectiveness of the media chosen

Public Relation

Evaluation and control

Review of the marketing plan

Promotional program situation analysis
Internal analysis
External analysis
Analysis the communication process
Monitoring, evaluation, and control


So the thing is, if olitalia can overcome these proble

ms discussed above, surely they will procced again
being the pioneer in the industry. As health is wealth,
there is no better option than having a healthy oil for