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Reading & writing

Turning text into slides

Text into slides: The task

Based on a course-related text, you will
create a short .pptx file representing
the key ideas from the text.
The slides should contain notes and a
graphic summary.
You will prepare the draft in class and finish
the work at home.

Before class

Create teams: Find another student from your

seminar that you will work with. Each team will
have to create and submit 1 document.

Choose the text you will study.

Study the text before your class.

In your class next week you will be required to

process the text you have read using
paraphrasing, summarizing etc. (The instructions
will be provided in class before the task).

Bring a printout of the text to your class.

Source texts

Select 2 texts from the following:

1. Blind faith in big data may be dangerous

2. Education Must Turn to the Cloud
3. Starbucks Race Together Campaign and the Upside of
CEO Activism
4. Ignore the naysayers, 2016 could be Twitter's best year yet

In class: Slide titles and notes

Bring a printout of the text to your class.

With your partner, think about the following:

creating the slide titles

creating 3-4 slides - 1 for each key idea

Insert notes (not sentences) below the slide title/s.

N.B. At this point you are only making a draft

that will be improved later.

In class: Voc and graphic


On 1-2 of the slides, make a list of 5-10 new

words/phrases/terms in the text that are
relevant for the topic.

Look up their meaning and explain it in English /


With your partner, discuss how you will

create the graphic summary of your text
(using, for example, a SmartArt template
that you will insert it into your slide)

The graphic summary

2) Choose a
SmartArt template
that you will use
for the graphic
summary of your
text and insert it
into your slide
document; add text


choose any other

tool / organizer etc. to
create a graphic

For your next class

Improve your document (notes, spelling,

overall design).

Add the graphic summary (1 slide).

Upload your teams final work in Moodle (1

upload per team):

Bring the printed slides (2 slides per page,

black & white) to class.

Evaluation criteria
Max. 15 points
5 points: notes
3 points: graphic summary
3 points: vocabulary selection and
3 points: overall design (layout)
1 point: spelling