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Writing a


To inform a reader about
something (place, event, object,
To share an experience.
To give a report.
To entertain a reader.

What should it look like?
Strong sensory details (sight, touch, taste,
hearing, feelings, thoughts)
Main idea/topic followed by supporting
details and descriptions.
Clear organization.
Effective transitions.

The great thing about

Descriptive writing is that you
get to choose what the topic is
going to be and what details you
want to include!

You can
Describe an event that happened to you.
Take the reader to a place.
Teach the reader about something you
Report on a subject/object of your choice
(monkeys, planes, weather, volcanoes,
historical events)

Major Hints!
Present your ideas in order as they
happened or in a pattern that makes sense to
the reader.
Set a mood (suspense, calm, exciting)
Make the reader get a mental picture of
what you are talking about.

Take the reader to a place with

your words!

What Next?
1) Find a topic that you want.
2) Read about it so that you are an expert in
the area.
3) Take notes so that your details are fresh
and accurate.
4) Think of ways to write that will keep
your audiences attention (cool facts, humor,
astonishing details)

What Next?
5) Write your drafts in order and keep on
the topic.
6) Get ready to share your essay with your
classmates by rehearsing what youve

Optional Ideas
Dress up in something that has to do with your
topic. (Zookeeper, wetsuit, soldier, scientistuse
your imagination!)
Bring in some objects that students can view/hold.
Create a poster with images for everyone to see.
Make a Powerpoint (with only images) that you
can show as you read.
Remember, these are all optional. The power of
your words and writing are what is more