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Input devices:
An input device is any device that is used to provide data and

control signals in to the computer.


Light pen

Keyboard: This is used to input or enter data into a

computer. With a keyboard, you can enter

commands, use keystroke shortcuts, select menu
options and enter data/values into applications.
Mouse: The mouse is used to point and click on
items/icons/menus on the screen. Mouse is a
pointing device that allows you to quickly
navigate/move on the screen.
Light pen: A special pen that lets you draw directly
onto the screen, or click on buttons and menus.
The tip of the light pen contains a light-sensitive
element which, when placed against the screen,
detects the light from the screen enabling the
computer to identify the location of the pen on the

Joystick: A hand-held stick that can be moved around in any

direction. Used mainly for playing games. Joysticks can be

used to control movement from side to side, up and down &
diagonally and horizontally.
Touchpad: A touchpad (also track pad) is a pointing device
consisting of specialized surface that can translate the
motion and position of a user's fingers to a relative position
on screen. They are a common feature of laptop computers
and also used as a substitute for a computer mouse.
Scanner: A scanner is a device that optically scans images,
printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a
digital image.
Microphone: A microphone is used to input sound into a
computer system. Microphones are often used for voice
recognition systems, which convert sounds made by a user
into text on the screen or commands the computer can carry

vii. Output devices:

An output device is any device used to output or get information

out of the computer.

A Visual Display Unit (VDU) or a monitor is an output device that accepts

video signal direct from a computer. Monitors can display graphics, text
and video. The size of a monitor is measured in inches diagonally across
the screen.
Printers : A printer is an output device that produces a printout or hard
copy of the output from a computer. There are many types of printer
available, The most common types of printer are dot matrix, inkjet and
laser printer.
Other output devices includes LCD panels, Projectors, Speakers for
music and sounds