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Eyjafjallajkull, English Eyjafjalla Glacier, is one of the
smaller ice caps of Iceland, north of Skgar and west of
Mrdalsjkull. The ice cap covers the caldera of a volcano
with a summit elevation of 1,651 meters.

1. Could a company even plan for this type of

situation? If yes, how? If not, why not?
Companies with substantial amount of resources do plan out
a strategy for a catastrophe like this. Different multinational
companies conduct seminar and session regarding disaster
management in which they provide sufficient amount of
information to overcome such situation.
For a multinational company it is essential to probe various
type of situation and make necessary arrangement in case
of sudden emergency.
Where as companies with limited amount of resources
suffers in such scenario as they don't have the workforce
and resources to focus on activities other than companys
principle activities.

2. Would goals be useful in this type of situation?

What types of goals might a manufacturing
company like BMW have in such a situation? How
about a global airline? How about a small flower
in Kenya?
Goals that
can allow a company to sustain and bare the
impact of such situation are suppose to leave the trifling
activities a side.
Companies like BMW should focus on its shipments and
deliveries. They should also focus on the assembly line,
making sure its running.
Global airline should announce the details about the
catastrophe and should compensate the loss of their
customers in order to retain them for future flight.
For those with a perishable goods, such organizations
should divert their course of shipments or can sell their
products to their customers to minimize their lose.

3. What types of plans could companies use in this

type of situation? Explain why you think these
plans would be important.
Following are the plans that a company can make in such
Business recommencement Plan
Occupant Emergency Plan
Continuity of Operations Plan
Incident Management Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan
These plans are essential and can help a company out in
such a situation, in case of an emergency the priority of any
company should be to carry on its business plan. opting all
the essential and drop all the trifling activities.

4. What lessons about planning can managers

learn from this crisis?
Valuable lesson can be learned by the managers after
considering this event, lesson like anticipating the unknown
events being the imminent one. This event truly delineates
the vulnerability of organizations that are to much involved in
their principle activities that they do not even bother to think
about some thing unusual.
Managers can extract a valuable lesson form this case study
that there vigilance and audacity can be put to test any time
so, there strategies should be flexible enough to bent
according to any situation.