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Is The Juice Plus+®

Right For You?
By Gordon D. Hester
Right Opportunity = Right Culture
Simple Opportunity Analysis System



Positioned *

* Major focus of this training

NSA Mission Statement

To build a stable and

lasting company that will
help as many people as
possible to realize their
Jay Martin
President & Founder
Proven - NSA
 Multiple success
stories over 40 years
/ over $7 billion in
Business Failure Rates
1 year – 50%
5 years – 80%
10 years – 96%

 Management Team
is proven in all
Giving Back
Prepared - NSA
Financially Sound
 Privately held
 Debt free

International (22 markets)

16 year product history

Long-term core
relationships in place

Sales & support systems in

Prepared – NSA
 Investing in Future
 Studies
 Systems
 Relationships
 Markets

 Primary Studies / Entrance


 Voices For Company

 Credible Doctors
 Medical & Academic
 Olympic Relationships
Healthcare Professionals

Pamela Benitez, MD David Katz, M.D. Richard DuBois, MD David Phillips, MD

Mitra Ray, PhD Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D. Bill Sears, MD Jim Sears, MD
Juice Plus+ Clinical Research Affiliations
Brigham Young University
Georgetown / UCLA
University of Arizona
University of California, LA
Charite University, Berlin, Germany
University of Florida
University of Maryland School of Medicine Kings College, London, England
University of Mississippi Medical Center
University of North Carolina-Greensboro Medical University of Graz, Austria
University of South Carolina
University of Texas Health Science Center
University of Texas/MD Anderson
Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Wake Forest University
University of Birmingham, England
Yale University-Griffin Hospital
University of Milan, Italy
University of Sydney, Australia
University of Wurzburg, Germany

*Over $10 million invested to prove that Juice Plus+ works

Juice Plus+ Clinical Research Underway
Researchers from…
University of Mississippi Medical Center … are investigating effect(s) of Juice Plus+ on:
Wake Forest University, funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of
Health Pregnancy health
University of Texas/MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Milan, Italy
Yale University-Griffin Hospital Prevention Research Center
University of South Carolina Nutritional status and various markers of cell health
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
University of Wurzburg, Germany
University of Birmingham, England
University of Birmingham, England
Nutritional status and quality of life
Charite Medical University
Ontario, Canada
Germany Nutritional status in smokers
Endothelial function

Measuring the markers of systemic inflammation in healthy adults

Exercise-related muscle fatigue
Periodontal (gum) health
Periodontal (gum) health
Healthy healing from wisdom tooth extraction
Normal activity days lost over the cold winter season
Markers of oxidation in healthy adults
Markers of skin health
Clinical Research
Proves Everyone Needs It
Timeless vs. Timing

 Provides bioavailable nutrition

 Reduces oxidative stress

 Helps support the immune system

 Helps Protect DNA

 Promotes cardiovascular wellness

Official Olympic Supplier
Juice Plus+
3 Party Credibility
NSA Positioned – Momentum Drivers

1. System Expansion (Before, Now, Future)

2. Market
3. Timing
4. Business Model
5. Expansion Possibilities

Right Decision at the Right Time with the Right Culture

NSA / Juice Plus+ Systems
Business Stages and Systems

Innovation Marketing Admin / Management

Sales Systems

1. Home Health Parties

2. Children’s Health Foundation
3. Professional Support Programs
4. Face-to-Face w/ Juice Plus+ Tools
5. Wellness Presentations (Company Sponsored)
6. Internet Lead Systems
Sales Support - Websites
 Personalized Juice Plus+ Websites
 www.juiceplus.com
 www.juiceplusfacts.com
 www.juiceplusreviewed.com
 www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise.com
 www.childrenshealthstudy.com
 www.juiceplus.com/events
 www.juiceplus.com/kidsvideos
 www.juiceplus.com/youtube
Other Sales Support Tools
 DVD’s + CD’s
 Brochures / Marketing Materials (including online material)
 Connection to All International Markets
 Juice Plus+ Facebook Page
 Prevention Plus Newsletter
 Juice Plus+ Experience Magazine
 Promo Plus
Distributor Support
(Focus: Distributor Success vs. Distributor Enrollment)

 Virtual Office
 Voice Com
 Training on All Aspects of Business (traditional and online)
 Assistance From Health and Nutritional Experts
 Corporate Business Partner Program
Customer Programs
Juice plus+ effect
 Plant the seed of “One Year” benefits - using JPCHS
 Emphasize clinical research to support health benefits
 Discuss complimentary product offer
 Establish health awareness using the 90 day survey
Documentation Beats Conversation

Children Adults
They are eating more fruits and vegetables in 59% 69%
addition to taking Juice Plus+
They are drinking more water 67% 79%
They are eating less fast foods and drinking fewer 71% 72%
soft drinks
They are taking less prescription or over the counter 55% 42%
They are missing less school work 55% 51%
They are more aware of their health in general 86% 88%
Test Market Results
Test Market Results
100 Day Email
New Juice Plus+ Effect Brochure

Ensure that our customer

Distributor Behavior care department is in sync
with and can support and
compliment all initiatives.

Seeks ways to connect to

our customers such that
we add to the

Seek ways to affect

Connect With Customers
representative behavior as
it relates to enhancing
customer experience.
Manage Customer
Relationships and

Juice Plus Momentum Funnel
Base of Business Dashboard Readings

Prospects Prospecting (JP Effect)

Stage 1 Customer core is almost 90% of sales Customers Retention

Distributors Business Recruiting

Stage 2 Distributor core driving business growth DNT - DD Movement toward SC position

New leadership (NMD’s @ Vienna & Phoenix)

Stage 3 Leaders to drive growth of entire NSA culture QB - SC Retention of leadership (98%)
SC - Leader Engagement of leadership
Expansion of leadership

NSA’s Role Reps’ Role

Product Research & Development Prospect / Educate
Product Manufacturing Build Relationships
Product Logistics Share Juice Plus+
Product Marketing Administer Order
Process Orders Follow-up
Ship Directly to Customers Look For Business Interest
Collect Payments Build a Team - Enroll
Finance Payment Manage a Team - Train
Pay You & Your Team Inspire a Team - Appreciate
Account For All Data Pursue Your Dreams
Access Through Virtual Office Support the Dreams of Others

Stability and Projected Growth
of Global Nutrition Industry
Global Nutrition Industry 1995 – 2014e
Global Nutrition Industry Sales By Region
$270 Billion in 2008
U.S. Nutrition Industry Sales Growth (2000 – 2017e)
$180,000 12%


$120,000 8%


$60,000 4%

$40,000 2%

$0 0%
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017e

Sales ($M) Sales ($M) Growth Growth

Source: Nutrition Business Journal

U.S. Nutrition Industry By Sales Channel

Source: Nutrition Business Journal

U.S. Dietary Supplement By Sales Channel

MLM Component:
Growth is about 20% each year (2006 – 2008)

Source: Nutrition Business Journal

U.S. Consumer Use of Dietary Supplements
Consumer Population % of Purchases / $ Spent / Annual Total % of Market 2008 Growth
Type (Mil) Population Month Month ($ Mil)

Heavy 10.9 4.6% 4.75 $50.09 $6,566 26.9% 3.6%


Regular 84.1 35.3% 1.2 $12.13 $12,235 50.2% 7.5%


Occasional 60.0 25.2% 0.6 $5.80 $4,174 17.1% 4.1%


Rare Users 39.8 16.7% 0.3 $2.95 $1,409 5.8% 8.4%

Non-Users 43.2 18.2% 0.0 $0.00 $0 0.0% 0

Adults Total: 238.0 100.0% $24,384 100% 5.9%

Source: Nutrition Business Journal

Main Factors Driving Nutrition
 Aging global population

 Continued growth of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic health ailments linked to poor nutritional habits

 Growing middle class in key countries (China, Brazil, India) that (1) have more money, (2) are educated on value of
health & wellness

 Regulatory changes
The Growth of The
Wellness Movement
The S-Curve
Innovation Growth Maturity
90% 99% 99.9%
.1% 1% 10%
Mobile Phone S-Curve
Innovation Growth Maturity
90 90%
Percent of Households

60 58%
50% 2002
40 2000

20 13%
10% 1995
10 .1% 2%
0 1990
1994 2001 2008
Source: Forrester, Census Bureau Time
Healthcare Discontinuity
Peter Drucker Application of S-Curve To Healthcare
Alder, Richard; Physician Executive 1995

Awareness = Broken
(System + Results)

Change = Solutions Confusion
Illness Being Implemented

Time | Energy | Money

Conclusion: Fixing Illness Does NOT Work!
Timeline of Window = ???
Financially Breaking System = When, Not If
$ Trillions


Window of Opportunity
1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030
American Institute for Research Analysis of Scott-Levin
Awareness – Chronic Disease Globally
 WHO (World Health Organization) noted that chronic diseases are the major cause of death and disability worldwide

 WHO stated that in 2008 chronic disease killed more than 35 million people annually, twice as much as infectious disease

 Chronic disease is responsible for approximately 80% of all disease and injury

 Chronic disease is responsible for over 2/3 of all health expenditures

 Impacting economics of individuals, businesses, & governments

 Worldwide media attention is driving exposure of Wellness

Important Conclusions:
1. Chronic disease is having a major economic impact on the Global Economy. That reality is driving change
2. Chronic disease is primarily preventable. That reality is driving the Wellness Movement
Awareness – U.S.
Chronic Disease Is Major Issue
$1.7 75% of Total
$1.5 Healthcare

More Chronic Illnesses

Patients With One or

Consumption 1.2M

U.S. Healthcare on
China Personal
300 M People

US Food



Amount Spent In 2007 (Trillions) McKinsey & Company, CDC, CMS

Awareness – U.S.
Chronic Disease Projected To Grow

80% By 2030
60% 54% 53%
40% 39%

Heart Disease






The Milken Institute

Awareness – U.S.
U.S. Healthcare Data
 We know that chronic disease affects approximately 133 million Americans (45% of the population) which ultimately
leads to about 70% of all deaths in the US (2009 Almanac on Chronic Disease)

 Reality that 46+ million people are uninsured and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance - that means
1/3 of all Americans face the day without the security of knowing that medical care is available to them and their
families (PBS.org)

 Loss of productivity (workers performing sub par) and absenteeism (sick days including care-giving for others) from
chronic health issues costs over $1 TRILLION per year, and is the largest economic output associated with chronic
disease. To put this in perspective, that TRILLION could have employed 20 million people at a salary level of $50K
per year (The Milken Institute)

 We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world today. We spend 6 times more per capita on
administration than any other country, and about 30-40% of our insurance premiums go toward administration

 We rank 37th in the world for healthcare (World Health Organization)

 We spend more per capita on pharmaceutical drugs than any nation in the world

Important Conclusions:
1. The US system is one of the most economically inefficient
2. Society awareness on importance of wellness/prevention at an all time high and growing
Awareness – U.S.
(You & Your Family)

Amount % Trend
Average Household Income $50,000 100%
Average Healthcare Costs < $15,000 > < 30% >
Average Household Taxes < $11,000 > < 21% >
Balance After Tax & Healthcare $24,000 49%

“Healthcare costs now cause a bankruptcy

in America every thirty seconds”

President Barack Obama (February 2009)

Change - Individual
 Increasing spending in all areas of prevention (nutrition, alternative medicine, etc)
(About 3x more on alternative medicine than out-of-pocket prescription drugs)

 Eating healthier

 Getting more exercise

 Avoiding unhealthy behavior (i.e. smoking, alcohol consumption, etc)

 Proactively monitoring health (i.e. risk based screenings, blood test, etc)

 Alternative medicine now accounts for more than 11% of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses
Change - Business
 Implementing wellness and educational programs to change behavior

 Promoting exercise programs and even paying for gym memberships

 In house gyms and medical facilities

 Weight management incentive programs

Change - Government
 Japan – Waistline over a certain size requires nutritional counseling

 Australia – Over 60% of adults overweight. The country’s new “National Prevention Health Taskforce” issued a plan of action to ban junk food advertising on TV (estimated
savings of over $300 million per year)

 India and New Zealand – Governments are considering a “5 Ingredient Poly Pill” focused on reducing cardiovascular disease and stroke

 Mexico – 68% of adults are overweight so government launched a sweeping “Anti-Obesity Campaign”

 UK – Launched “Change4Life Initiative” in January 2009 which included a huge media blitz around eating healthy, subsidies for gym memberships, nutritional counseling
and even paying people for slimming down

 US – Sweeping healthcare reform

The S Curve in Juice Plus+
Innovation Growth Maturity

 Proven

 Prepared

 Positioned

Can’t measure this

part of the timeline

10% 90%

1993 2009 Time

You Have The Right Business Model
For The “New Economy”
Virtual Franchise
(Hybrid Business Model)

g an
ti n ch
LM arke isi
o rk


MLM / Network Marketing

– Take: – Leave:
• Proven business model • Huge product lines
• No glass ceilings • Selling training
• No territorial restrictions • Selling packages
• Unlimited income potential • Disproportionate emphasis on the business
• Home-based business • Ulterior motives at point of sale
• Pyramid sales profile
Globally Accepted Business Model

MLM / Network Marketing

– Take: – Leave:
• Proven business model • Huge product lines
• No glass ceilings • Selling training
• No territorial restrictions • Selling packages
• Unlimited income potential • Disproportionate emphasis on the business
• Home-based business • Ulterior motives at point of sale
• Pyramid sales profile
Pyramid Business Checklist
NSA Is Regulatory Example vs. Warning

 Product and Price

 No Investment Required
 Purchase and Inventory Requirements / Front End
 Sales Commission Sources (End Consumers vs.
Distributor Network)
 Buy Back Policy
 Retail Sales (% of End Consumers)
 Active Role For Distributors
 Earnings Misrepresentations
 Good Training
Virtual Franchise – Franchising
1. Systemization (Sales & Support)
2. Training (All Aspects of Business)
Company Start Up Franchise Fee
3. Proven brand name product – “Visibility Campaign”
Jiffy Lube $229k - $323k $10k - $35k
Dollar Rent a Car $7.36k - $8.4m $20k - $200k
Buffalo Wild Wings $1.1m - $3m $42.5k
(2)McDonalds $995.9k - $1.8m $45k
1. Costs (Initial + Ongoing)
(4)Hampton Inn $3.7m - $13.2m $50k
Gold’s Gym $531.1k -$ 3.9m $25k

(Does not include royalties)

2. Time requirement

Recent State/Trends in Franchising

1. Fastest growing – serve “budget minded” consumers

2. Low cost set up – growing 28% per year
3. High cost set up – decreasing 1.2% per year
4. Credit markets are hurting model
5. Retention challenges are growing (16% failure rate vs. 5% in past)
Virtual Franchise – Corporate Component
Typical Corporate Management Structure

Management Team (domestic & international)

Distributor Support
Customer Support
Research & Innovation

Expense Allowance For Leadership (BIB)

Benefits For Leadership

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Family Tuition Fund
Year End Bonus
Virtual Franchise Summary

End Result:

Proven Plan B
Low Investment, High Return Business Model
Opportunity to Build a Global Business
Possibility to Build a Relationship Model That Gives You Both Income and Time
Financial Control of Your Life
Tenets Of Your Business Model

 Low Investment
 Low Fixed Cost
 Quick Profits
 Time Flexibility
 Relationship Income Model
 Global Marketplace
Relationship Income Model
Business Wealth = Value x Leverage

Relationship Journey

Time + Money > Pay for Value Value > Time + Money
Start Utilization

Critical Mass

Critical Mass = Enough relationships to (1) Sustain profitability and

(2) Allow you to be paid greater than your value in the marketplace
Expansion Of The Business Model
NSA’s 22 Global Markets Now (January 2010)
Country Retail Sales Salespeople
Australia 844 Million 420,000
Austria ??? ???
Belgium 87 Million 14,231
Canada 1.18 Billion 608,778
Denmark 60 Million 60,000
Finland 206 Million 86,000
France 2.4 Billion 242,000
Germany 8.86 Billion 778,000
Ireland 62 Million 12,850
Italy 3.4 Billion 365,000
Japan 22.84 Billion 2.7 Million
Malaysia 1.03 Billion 4 Million
Netherlands 121 Million 37,218
New Zealand 136 Million 140,000
Norway 121 Million 53,800
Poland 750 Million 750,000
Singapore 264 Million 566,000
Spain 698 Million 145,099
Sweden 244 Million 75,000
Switzerland 237 Million 6,918
United Kingdom 3.6 Billion 419,500
United States 29.6 Billion 15.1 Million
Observations - Now

 In 22 out of 239 countries (9%)

 16 of 22 markets are in Europe
 Minimal saturation in current markets

Far East (big markets) Europe (big markets)

Japan Germany
Singapore France
NSA Missing Major Billion Dollar Markets (January 2010)

Country Retail Sales Salespeople

Argentina 1.17 Billion 714,000
Brazil 10.1 Billion 2 Million
Colombia 1.5 Billion 867,000
Mexico 4.4 Billion 1.9 Million
Korea 7 Billion 3 Million
Russia 2.9 Billion 4.4 Million
Taiwan 1.64 Billion 4.1 Million
Thailand 1.6 Billion 5.4 Million
*China No Data No Data
*India 586 Million 1.9 Million

*Large forecasted growth markets

Observations - Future

 Major Future Markets

Far East Pacific Basin Central / South America

China South Korea Brazil
Russia Taiwan Mexico
India Thailand Argentina
Juice Plus Business Points
 Proven by science, sales and global market success

 Affordable to the masses

 Marketed in a proven international business model

 Entrance barrier driven by regulatory changes

 Timing of wellness, nutrition and Juice Plus are in early stages of long-
term trends driven by real demand

 Growing trend toward owning a business, especially a home based

Why Now