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Luke 2:51 & 52
Bible Reading : Luke 2:41 52

Worship Service Message

on Sunday 29 Jan., 2017
Rev. Abayomi Oshin


" Then He went down with
them and came to Nazareth,
and was subject to them, but
His mother kept all these
things in her heart. And Jesus
increased in wisdom and
stature, and in favor with God
and men.
- Luke 2: 51 52 (NKJV)


THE CHILD Luke 2:51 & 52
Salutation and prophetic declarations
Introduction of topic and text
Preview of the outline

Review of previous msg

Christian parentage : Jesus was
subject to parents.
Balanced growth Four
dimensional growth:
Academic/Mental growth
Physical / Chronological growth
Spiritual Growth

Christian Parentage: Jesus

subject to parents Luke
Though Jesus was a special baby to
His parents but the Bible says He
was subject to His physical parents.
It implies that they did not withhold
discipline from Him.
Possibly they had told Him about the
circumstance of His birth (which was
why He claimed to be doing His
fathers work) but not withstanding
they showed Him the path of life cf.
Pr 22:6

Balanced growth Four

dimensional growth : Luke

Academic/Mental growth
Physical / Chronological growth
Spiritual Growth
Social Growth

Academic/Mental growth
We have the duty to help our
children acquire education
and wisdom
Cf. Deut. 17:14 20: God prescribed
education for those to be leaders of
the His people.
Acts. 17:11 says the educated are
better at understanding the
scripture because they are not
limited to what others tell them.

But academic education without

the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Physical / Chronological

Feeding is essential to the body, we

have a duty to feed our children.
God showed example in the
wilderness (Ex. 16:13 & Num. 11:31)
and Christ fed the multitude.
We cannot afford to say that because
of education we shall neglect proper
nutrition of the child; that is abuse of
the faith cf. 1Ti 5:8 But if any provide
not for his own, and specially for
those of his own house, he hath

Spiritual Growth
The parents of Jesus took Him
along with them to the synagogue
(church) and they exposed Him to
the word of God which was why He
could discuss it and be so
engrossed in it that he did not
know that the parents had left Him
He discussed intelligently with the
older people which suggests that
His parents have taught Him.

Spiritual Growth


Prov. 22:6 says that we should train

a child the way he should go and
when he is grown up he will not
depart from that way.
Which way are you showing and
training your child, way of life or of
spiritual death?
Children are heritage of the Lord
and we are to train them in the way
of the Lord.
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Spiritual Growth


In the name of civilization many

parents are teaching their children
the way of the world. They fix hair
for Jesus children because they are
ashamed of the gospel of Jesus
Christ and cannot stop attaching
demonic hair to their own hair.
They wear spaghetti top for Jesus
girls and exposing their chest and
when the girls become grown up
they exposed their bossom like

Social Skills

Romans 14:16-18 says Therefore do not

let your good be spoken of as evil; for
the kingdom of God is not eating and
drinking, but righteousness and peace
and joy in the Holy Spirit. For he who
serves Christ in these things is
acceptable to God and approved by

People dont read the Bible before

they believe but they read Christians.
How you relate with people around
you gives the impression about Jesus
Christ to them.

Altar Call

Parents who desire greatness of their

family have duty to


teach their children (Deut. 6:7)

train their children (Prov. 22:3)
provide for their children (2 Cor. 12:14)
show them the way of life

Ps. 127 says children are heritage of

God, you are caretaker, will you rob
God of His property in your care and
expect God to raise you.
You can repent today, will you repent?
And if you do not have Christ in your
life you cant share Him with your