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In old time, Aloha refers to a family

patriarch who would summon his
successor to come near, and nose to
nose, pass the wisdom to him
before passing away. This is how we
can understand Aloha as a nose-to-
nose greeting.
Same value in my country (The king
would wait at the last moment of his
life to let his people know who he
would like to be his successor. And
this is done in whispers since it
coincides with the time when his

A, ala, watchful, alertness

L, lokali, working with unity
O, oiaa, truthful honesty
H, haahaa, humility
A, ahonui, patient
Same linguistic analysis
possible in our local
values: the name of our

As in old time, government officials should

(natural law, natural right not a positive law or
written law treat the people with deep respect,
being humble and human at the image of the
gods that are protecting and providing
abundance to Mankind.
Same political value in the old time: Naaba y a
tampoure (the king is like a rubbish box) Good
things, bad things, good people and bad people
good mood and bad mood, he should try hard to
manage everybody, and make people live in
harmony with themselves and the nature. Since
he is the rubbish box, it is of his responsibility to
drain away from the kingdom all the things
which could affect harmony between people. This
value is a democratic value, but people are very
quick to lose it when they become elites.

The Aloha Friday and the Aloha T-shirt that

people put on Fridays, the travel
agencies created after the spirit, the
companies trying to reflect this spirit in
doing business and making Hawaii more
attractive. And of course the
development of tourism
Same spirit in my country with the
President Sankara ( Revolution time).
Wear Burkinabe, eat Burkinabe, Consume
Burkinabe, and the traditional cloth that
all the administration officials should
wear on Mondays. This spirit was lost
after he was assassinated, but it is being
revived again. In Burkina the Prime
Minister recently signed an act inviting

Greetings ( aloha kakahika bonjour-, aloha auinala-

bonsoir-) with Aloha standing as Good, best wishes. We
also end our greetings by wishes in my local language.
Wishing that God protect us for the day, the noon, or
the night.
Values : mutual respect, peace, honesty, peace, affection,
patient, humility, hospitality.
Identity: A whole locality is proud to be seeing by the
world as being unique and having rich values to spread
or share.
Burkindi is all about that, and we add to it hard work and
moderation. Sankara impedes his government officials
to travel in Business class. He preferred Peugeot 205 to
Mercedes because the latter is greedy in fuel.
In my country the Burkindi is still there as a cultural
background, but we miss to promote it and make it a
valuable spirit that everybody should embody to make
the country prosperous.
That is what I think Aloha Spirit: an
identity that promotes oneself as
a human being willing to live
happily, in harmony with oneself,
the others, and the space and
time. I have never been there, but
I am now praying hard to
experience this spirit in real.
Thank you.