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The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a social
insurance institution that caters exclusively to the Philippine
governments employees. It is chiefly responsible for providing
and administering pension funds such as life insurance,
retirement benefits, disability benefits for work-related
accidents, and death benefits to members and their heirs.
We will continue to build the Government Service Insurance System as the premier pension fund
institution with a passion for providing world-class service to its members.
The GSIS will be transparent, autonomous, and beyond public reproach.
To regain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, we will singularly pursue the social mission of
our charter and promote an efficient organization that is fully automated and member-focused.
We will relentlessly strive for continual improvement in our services driven by integrity,
professionalism and a culture of public service.
We will sustain the financial viability of the System and ensure its prolonged actuarial life, for the
benefit not only of our existing members, but also the next generation of government employees.
We will restore the pride of the GSIS so as to retain and recruit staff that share our commitment.
Finally, we will endeavor to empower our members to enable them to participate in the evolution of
our institution.
Quality Policy
In the Government Service Insurance System, we are committed to
provide quality service to our members for all their social security
The design of our QMS shall consider the context and strategic
direction of our organization. Our systems and processes shall be
regularly evaluated and improved for effectiveness, efficiency, and
compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements.
We will invest in the competence of our people through continued
professional development.
Service Loans
Whatever you needwhether starting up a small business, paying your childs tuition, or
simply purchasing that item youve long eyed forGSIS is here to help you with various loan
products it offers, at unmatched rates and terms.
Consolidated Loan
The GSIS ConsoLoan not only consolidates and wipes out penalties and surcharges from five
different loan products, it also provides members with loan equivalent to up to 10 months salary.
Policy Loan
A loan program that lets you borrow from the seed money or cash value of your life insurance.
Emergency Loan
The GSIS extends support to members affected by natural calamities with this affordable loan
Types of GSIS Members
Active Members government employees at present who are working in any government
agency or government office
Old Age Pensioners these are retired government employees or officials who are already
receiving pension from GSIS
Survivorship Pensioners these are beneficiaries or dependents of deceased GSIS
member or old age pensioner (example: spouse of a deceased pensioner or member, minor
child of the deceased)

GSIS Insurance Benefits

As a member of GSIS maybe youre wondering what are those stuff such as policy and
insurance coverage. There is a reason why you are paying premiums, its because you are
paying for insurance. With insurance, you or your eligible beneficiaries will be getting
GSIS Retirement Benefits
- Employee Benefits Insurance
- Loans For Veterans
- Employee Health Benefits
- Best Health Benefits
- Retirement Benefits Guide
- Best Retirement Benefits
GSIS Survivorship Benefits
These are cash and/or pension benefits provided for the surviving legal spouse (as long as
he/she doesnt remarry), dependent minor children, or incapacitated beneficiary, when a
member or a pensioner dies.
GSIS Loans Benefits
Members of the GSIS also have available loans benefits. However, loans are still loans so I
dont suggest anyone to avail them unless they really need it badly. Loans bear interests
payables. Focus on income bearing investments, not loans.
GSIS Burial Benefit
Burial benefits are funeral benefits given to GSIS retirees survivors or any person who
shouldered the funeral expenses of the deceased GSIS member.
GSIS Disability Benefits
These are benefits resulting from disability or incapacity to work because of physical or
mental injury, impairment or disease. GSIS assigns medical evaluator for members who avail
disability benefits.
GSIS EC Benefits
It is also known as Employees Compensation benefit. It is another disability benefit
provided for public and private sector workers and their dependents in the event of work-
related injury, sickness, disability or death.
Their acquired assets are available for cash basis and as is where is policy for interested
General Insurance
GSIS also offers very cheap insurance products such as personal accident insurance
coverage, fire, comprehensive insurance for vehicles, and other traditional insurance
products like aviation, bonds, property floater, marine cargo and marine haul.
GSIS Scholarship
The Government Service Insurance System also offers scholarship program every
academic year for children of low-income GSIS members. The selected qualified scholars will
receive up to P 200,000 tuition and miscellaneous fees per semester plus monthly allowance
of P2000.
There you have them folks. I hope you have learned about your benefits and I hope youre
happy about them. I give my cheers and kudos to all government employees for their
terrific service! You deserve all the best in the world.
heres more to the GSIS than life insurance, retirement, and loans. GSIS takes care of its members and pensioners with added benefits, providing
financial security amidst various life events.

Benefit package for members with more than three (3) but less than 15 years in service.

Program intended for members who lost their earning capacity due to non-work related disability.

Employee Compensation
The GSIS administers Employees Compensation Fund for government employees who suffered work-related illnesses, disability, or death.

Monthly cash payment for permanent employees who are involuntarily separated from the service due to abolition of office or position due to

Assistance extended to spouse or children of a deceased member or pensioner.

Pension benefit for qualified dependents of GSIS pensioners who passed away.