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Peanut farm
The southern-
most part of
Georgia is
called the
Coastal Plain
*The Coastal Plains makes
up the Southern or
Southeastern part of
* Americus, Albany
Valdosta, Ridge, and
other southeastern cities
make up the Coastal
Plains region.
Definition- A coastal plain is
an area of low, flat land near
an ocean.
The coastal plains is located
in the southern half of
It covers about 60% of
Millions of years ago, most of southern
Georgia was covered by the ocean.
Today, this region is called the coastal plain.
In the coastal plain, the land is flat and the
soils are sandy.
The coastal plain has mild winters and hot
o Flat Land
o There are NOT that many
o A lot of water
Coastal **Actually, most
of the water is on the
east side of the state.
The western side is
pretty, but flat.
It makes up southern Georgia, so its the
warmest region of the state.
The land is flat, and the soil is mostly
sandy. This creates a unique environment
for many different plants and animals.
Its a great region to vacation in. Can you
think of some reasons why?
There are long hot summers and short
mild winters with yearly long rainfall.

The major crops of the Coastal Plains

are cotton, tobacco, corn, and
peanuts. Cotton is the number one
crop that is planted here.
A lot of water, but not a
lot of hills. The coastal
plains is made up of mostly
flat land.
Most of the water is on
the east side of the state.
oIf I were a bird, Id
make my home in one of
Georgias Live Oaks! (Its
the Georgia State Tree!)
oIt has lots of huge
branches to choose from,
and the moss that grows on
them would make perfect
nesting material!
Spanish moss on a Live Oak tree
Closer to the coast, there
are lots of tall pines and
Saw Palmettos.

Georgias state
bird, the Brown
Thrasher, might
nest in trees like
Wire Grass

Wire grass and sea
weed are two types
of vegetation that
abound near the
Southern Toads love the
nestle among the vegetation
and catch mosquitoes!
Double-crested Cormorants, Snowy Egrets, and
Blue Heron love to live near the coastal waters.
The Little Grass Frog
is one of the tiniest
critters that live in
this coastal habitat.
The armadillo is one of
the most unique animals
that make this region
their home. (They just
dont fare so well with
the traffic!)
Wild hogs are a farmers
worst nightmare!