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(MBSA 1623)


Case Analysis:
Recruitment of a Star


Recruitment of a
1. Executive Summary
Q1) Analyse the company & industry
2. Issues in the Case Study
Problem Statements
Q2) Whom Should Stephen Connor hire & Why
3. Identify & Forecast Critical Factors
Q3) Evaluate the selection & hiring process at RSH.
Q3) What changes, if any do you recommend.
4. Evaluate & Choose Best Alternatives
Q4) Imagine yourself in the place of each the candidates.
Q4) What strengths would you bring to light during the interview
Q4) How would you distinguish yourself from the other candidates.
5. Recommendation & Alternatives to Decision
The Theory of Hiring Lou Adler ( From the book : The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting
1. Executive Summary
Company Analysis
Rubin, Stern & Hertz
Renowned Investment Institutional in The
Big Apple
Strong Cooperate Culture Low Turnover
Open-door policies
Individual performance tied to group performance
foster team work and support within team SWOT
Provides continuous career development options
workshops, and trainings
analysts analytical skills, writing skills
,communication skills
Industry Analysis
2. Issues in the Case Study
1) Why did Peter Thomson take the decision to move without notice despite the proclaimed culture
in the reputable firm RSH
2) Why did Stephen allow this to happen despite being hinted that Peter is uncomfortable and is
looking for opportunities elsewhere?
3) Did Craig deliver potential good candidates or did he just grab the one from the II rank to satisfy
Stephen rush request
4) What is the competitive advantage of this candidates comparable to and internal transfer or
promotion? What is the sunk cost of hiring new candidates?
5) How effective is the hiring process which Stephen follows?
6) What is the implication if the new hire failed to deliver Stephen expectation, and how could
Stephen avoid this?
7) Whom should Stephen hire and Why ?
8) What are the strengths and weakness of each candidate
9) What is lacking in the current hiring process and what could have been done better.
Whom should Stephen Connor hire?
Seth Horkum as he meet most of the requirement for the position.
Has an experience as a sell-side analyst & also a great stock
Currently is at number 5(Runner Up) in Institutional Investor Rank
Close contact and working experience with PowerChip
Long-term commitment to show loyalty and dependency
Has good communication with buy-side and companies
Hardworking person, not calculative in taking extra jobs
Has a good relationship with clients, good accessibility and quick
response to customers
Whom should Stephen Connor hire? Why?

Approached Anita Armstrong to get the job at RSH

Can conclude that he is eager to join RSH
- He is interested to work in RSH

Did not ask for compensation and interested to know about

Intelligent, enthusiastic, team oriented and motivated
3. Identify & Forecast Critical Factors

Selection and Hiring Processes at RSH

What Stephen Looking for:
Team oriented and willing guide junior analysts
Ability to build relations with sales force and traders
Motivated and independent
Experience & personality
Star Power
Communication skills
Superior analytical and research skills
Industry knowledge
Good relationship and service with customers
Access to upper level management
Selection & Hiring Processes (Cont.)

Candidate who are first-rate

analysts, team oriented and fit in
well with the RSHs culture is most

Assigned a virtual task/project to test their capability.

Organize a debating session among the candidates.
Debate on: Why should you (the candidate) be hired but not others?
Evaluate how well you are fit with this position and what are the weakness of
others candidate?
Upon the debating, RSHs management should be able to judge on each of the
candidates capability, attitude, intelligent and negotiation skills.
Evaluate & Choose Best Alternatives
Q4) Imagine yourself in the place of
each the candidates.
Q4) What strengths would you bring
to light during the interview
Q4) How would you distinguish
yourself from the other candidates.
Gerald Baum:
Strengths and Distinguishing Points

Superior intelligent - great stock picker, ranked at 11th in 18
months, with good academic background and good skills
Broad experience - has research background, worked in large
institutions and electronic industry
Highly enthusiastic - still perform despite sharing the assistants
and working with below average junior analyst
Good communication skills - clients would move with him for
exceptional services
Highly motivated - interested in exciting environment rather
than remains static
Gerald Baum:
Strengths and Distinguishing Points (cont)

Distinguishing Points:
I will highlight my vast experience in the industry and extraordinary
achievements, with the capabilities and competencies that I have, I am
the right candidate to replace Peters position in RSH.
As long as RSH provides me with exciting and innovative environment, I
am ready to suit with RSH organization culture.
I need RSH to achieve higher ranking in II, RSH also needs me to remains
competitively advantage in the industry
I only request for a dedicated and competent team in RSH. Once I am
accepted, then I will guarantee success as research and innovative
environment in RSH excite me.
My track records and client evaluations prove that I am capable of
achieve it.
David Hughes:
Strengths and Distinguishing Points

Highly experienced 22 years of experience as semiconductor
Vast industry knowledge - razor-sharp mind and rare interpersonal
Celebrity in Wall Street Ranked 1st four times, 2nd five times and
3rd or runner-up for six times.
Large client base Expand the client base on his reputation in the
Excellent mentor team player and enthusiast to share his skills,
knowledge and expertise with junior members.
Loyalty Been with Spensers and Company for 15 years.
David Hughes:
Strengths and Distinguish (cont)

Distinguish Points:
I will let Stephen know that my recent slow down was due to growing
bored at current company and looking hoping for new challenges.
I will convince Stephen that my maturity is an advantage because
my experience makes me an expert problem-solver and make better
I am able to deal with people of all ages and backgrounds, difficult
clients are less likely to make me upset.
I will show my passion in mentoring the junior members
Propose a plan to bring up a rank II from junior members within first 2 years of
joining RSH.
Seth Horkum:
Strengths and Distinguish

Punctual reached restaurant before Stephen arrived
Extremely intelligent, enthusiastic and motivated great stock-
picker, ranked II runner-up, worked long hours (12-16 hrs a day)

Accessibility & Responsiveness answer phone call and reply email

promptly, willing travel on short notice.

Loyalty been with Jefferson Brothers for 15 years.

Strong connections at PowerChip close contact with buy side,
networking skills

Friendly/likeable praising & testimonials from clients, feedback from firm

Seth Horkum:
Strengths and Distinguish (cont)
Distinguish Points:
Ill highlight the connections with high-level management at PowerChip
and Im the best person in handling the PowerChip deal.
Showing my previous record/portfolio on how successful of stock picks.
Good stock picker is hard to find.
I need RSH as a platform to achieve higher ranking; while RSH need a
Make a deal with Stephen for 1 year contract, if my performance is
below expectation, RSH could terminate my contract after 1 year.
Otherwise, convert me to permanent.
Im confidence to achieve higher ranking and Ill return such dedication
with an equal commitment to the firm.
Sonia Meetha:


Motivated overachiever Good stock picker

Team oriented Good client service

Committed/Hard worker Communication skills

Intelligent Superior analytical/research skills

Enthusiastic Industry & global markets

Sonia Meetha:

Recognized as up-and-comer by II
Technical and sales background
Excellent writer
Emphasizes on global markets
Dedicated towards career
Emphasis on culture which is a key feature of RSH
Have connection with CEOs of some major company
Sonia Meetha:
Distinguish Points
I will ask Stephen what type of senior analyst he want to hire then I will
point out all the strength I have and the excellent job I did in WHS.
I will share out my technical research and sales experience background and
with both it helps in communicate and fast respond to clients. As an
excellent writer to give the quality report to clients.
I will point out I had honored with an up & comer ranking from Institutional
Investor with sharing junior analyst.
I will point out the value I can give to RSH example the global focus in
semiconductor industry.
I will show my interest to work in RSH by point out the work culture in RSH
and I am fit in the team.
Recommendation & Alternatives to Decision

The Theory of Hiring

Summarizes how human nature causes people to make bad career decision
When negatives of any job outweighs the positive, people start looking
The magnitude of these differences determines how active they look for new jobs
People accept jobs when positive outweighs the negatives
Most people overvalue the short-term positives when changing jobs, as a result,
take jobs for the wrong reason
Companies reinforce this wrong choice by screening candidates on the wrong
criteria, emphasizing the short-term positives and force-fitting people into ill
defined jobs
Hiring managers need to fully understand the job scope and has to invest the time
A great career move should provide at least a
30% non-monetary increase.

This consists of job

stretch (big job),
job satisfaction (the
mix is more personally
satisfying) and
job growth (there is