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Sources: Lebanes

From: BBC site it is a

timeline of all the
significant events
e Civil
during the war. Short
and gets to the point.
Date of use:
From: World History in
Context- it is an
encyclopedia you
would see in text
books. Gives into
deep detail and is
pretty long.
Date of use:
This is Pierre _______________
From: A reporter and
Gemayel, CEO of International
Rescue Committee
member of UK- Simple language
parliament of used and puts into
great detail.
Beirut. Was in Date of use:
office from 1960
to 1984.
Lasted from: 1975-1990
Lebanese Civil Relating to
question WarCauses. Research
To what extent was The Lebanese Civil War erupted Question
The influx of refugees is
the influx of the in 1975 and lasting till 1990. the main cause of the
Israeli refugees a Throughout the war there was Lebanese Civil War.
an estimated 250,000 fatalities. Because even though the
cause of the influx of refugees is a
A short term cause was the
Lebanese Civil War? influx of Israeli refugees from short term cause, it was
(1975-1990) the beginning of a chain
I am using this research the Israeli and Palestinian
of events. All leading to
question as the basis of conflict, (the battle for land in
the Lebanese Civil War.
my research on the 1948). The influx of refugees
then caused an ethnic divide, The ethnic divide caused
Lebanese Civil War. (all the different ethnicities in the Maronite Christians
different parts of the country). (located all over
A long term cause to the was Lebanon) to fight over
land with the Sunni and
the assassination attempt on
Shai Muslims ( located in
Maronite Christian Phalangist
the south and east of
(leader of Christian Democratic
Lebanon). The influx of
party) Pierre Gemayel, The
Palestinian refugees
attempt was done by the Sunni
contributed to the Muslim
and or Shai Muslim groups in
population of Lebanon,
Lebanon. This led to the
making the Maronite
Christian gunmen killing 27
Christians over populated
civilians on a bus to promote
by Muslim Arabs.
clashes between Muslim and
Christian forces, leading to the The Sunni and Shai
start of the war in 1975. Muslims then attempted
to assassinate the leader
of the Christian
Phalangist group. This led
to the massacre of 27
civilians on a bus.