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ANIMALS !!!!!!!
African wild dog

The African wild dog is also known as

the hunting dog.
It is a endangered species in East
They have massive jaws and bat like
They mostly lives in the Savanna.
They hunt in early morning and late
They prey on gazelles, antelopes,
African cheetah
The swahili name for cheetah is Duma.
The scientific name for cheetah is
Acinonyx jubatus.
The size of the cheetah is 30 inches at
the shoulder.
The cheetah weighs 110 to 140
The cheetah lives until it is 10 to 20
African elephant

The African elephant is the largest living

land mammal.
They are one of the most impressive
animals on earth.
They reach up to a height of 23 feet.
The African elephant has two finger-like
structures on the top of its trunk.
They have ears twice the size of Asian
African Zebra
The zebra is one of most animals that has a thick
layer of fur.
The zebra is one of the social animals that spend
time grazing in a herd.
The zebra is 3.5 to 5ft tall.
The zebra weighs 200 to 450kg.
The zebra can live up to 25 years in the wild.
African rhino

African rhinos are endangered animals

They can grow to over 6 feet tall and

more than 11 feet in length.
They have poor vision but good
hearing and a good sense of smell.
They eat at night, early morning and
They roll in mud to protect their skin
African lion
The lions scientific name is panthera leo.
Lions belong to the felidae or cat family.
Lions are excellent swimmers.
When lions walk, their heels dont touch the
The darker the lions mane the older it is.
African giraffe

They are the tallest land animal in the

world, there average height is around 5
They mostly live in the savanna areas
of Africa.
They sleep less than two hour a days.
They live up to 25 years in the wild.
They spend most of the day eating
leaves and twigs.
Some gorillas have longer hair and shorter arms
then other gorillas.
The African gorilla is 4 to 6ft tall.
If gorillas are in a group they are called troop or
a band.
The African gorilla weighs 135 to 220.
The African gorilla can live up to 35 years in the
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