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How To Uninstall DriverToolkit

DriverToolkit works like a charm, itll detec
t latest versions or latest updates of driver
s to your PC. When hardware is not worki
ng properly, main reason can be outdated
driver versions or incorrect driver installat
ions. Driver Toolkit contains 8,000,000+ dr
ivers in its database, including Graphics ca
rd, Monitor, Sound card, Mouse, Video car
d, Modem, Keyboard, Motherboard, Netw
ork adaptor, Scanner, Printer and Digital d

Driver toolkit is gorgeous software and als
o the hardware products performs not we
ll its created from the order which create
s wrong installations of driver and older d
river versions. Driver Toolkit 8.5 has 8,000
,000 has an entity within the database, inc
orporated System board, Seem card, Vide
o card, Network adapter, Modem, Mouse,
keyboard, Scanner, printer and products o
f digital.
Driver Toolkit is specifically designed and
enables to make use of an easily interface
. Its faster and genuine and customary in
nate, further driver issues are going to be
secure together with your couple of clicks.
Further, any qualification method does no
t require for Driver toolkit. It is simple tha
t you wont did anything that is considere
d wrong.
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How To Uninstall DriverToolkit

Most computer programs are installed wit
h its build-in uninstaller that can also help
uninstall the program.
Click Start menu and move your mouse to
All Programs.
Find Search DriverToolkit 8.0.166 folder
and click on its Uninstaller.
Follow its uninstaller and uninstall the p
To run its uninstaller, you can also

Go to the folder where the program is i
Locate its uninstaller usually named as
unins000.exe or uninstall.exe
Double click on its uninstaller and follo
w it to uninstall the program.

Please know that Windows "Add/Remove
Programs" and its build-in uninstaller can
remove only the main executable progra
m files, but not all program files and com
ponents. Some invalid files can be left in t
he registry and folders. To completely uni
nstall DriverToolkit 8.0.166, you need to g
et rid of these remnants, otherwise, it will
slow down your computer and block the i
nstallation of other incompatible program
To thoroughly delete its files, please follo
w the steps:

Run Registry Editor
Find and delete all registry entries of the
program in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Softwar
e\Megaify Software\, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHI
NE\SOFTWARE\Megaify Software\ and HK
Find and delete all files of the program in
system folders C:\Program Files\Megaify S
oftware\, C:\Document and Settings\All Us
ers\Application Data\Megaify Software\ a
nd C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\A
pplication Data\Megaify Software\.

NOTE: We recommend only for advanced
computer users, manually edit the registr
y and remove DriverToolkit because deleti
ng any single registry error leads to a seri
ous problem or even a system crash.
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