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Operation Pretreatment

Pretreatment Process
Process of Textile
of Textile Materials
Definition of Pretreatment textile processing

Process pretreatment of textile is all mechanic and

chemistry process to textile materials both for is made from
natural and synthetic fiber before dyeing, printing and
finishing process ,with purpose the process is fluently better
and the result can which as expected.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

As a whole this process consist of desizing process, souring
and bleaching.

Pretreatment process basically aim to removal all impurities

found on fiber ( especially cellulose) so that materials have

i) degree of white,
ii) absorbent to dyestuff and
iii) morevalue of DP(degree of polymerization)

the other purpose is to get bunches of reaktif blocked previous

to become opened.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

The raw material in generally contaning unwanted matter of
fibres and the impurities of fibres. This impurities is :

Natural impurities is the dirt is emerge together with happening of

fibres. For example : fat ,oil wax on cotton, sirisin on silk, suint, fat and
lanolin on wool.
Impurities from outside
Dirt coming from outside and to stick at fiber, yarn or fabric , for
example : oil, ,dust , parts of leaf, branch, stains of oil from machine
and etc.
The addition of impurities
The addition material impurities for the fluency of process for example :
oil for anti static agent at fibers, starch at warp of yarn, etc.

Suint: A natural grease formed from dried perspiration found in the fleece of sheep, used as a source of potash.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Flow chart on process textile :
1)Flow chart of textile processing

Tekologi dan Rekayasa

2)Flow chart of pre treatment of silk fibre/fabric

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

3) Flow chart of pre treatment of wool
4)Flow chart of pre treatment of tetoton/cotton

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Preparation of process be done by grey material before wet
process or chemical process. Preparation of this process consist of
opening and pile up, sewing, and inspection of cloth .

Pile up is working to open cloth of grey which still in the form of roll
tied ,then to put in orderly heap above palet by horizontaly off
attractively tip oves him with length sufficiently (+ 3 - 4 metre),
withdrawal of cloth back part aim to to water down process writing
of stitching and code or tacking on.

Opening or of unrolling recognized with process expose of cloth

have purpose to open cloth of rolling form become wide form so
that the next process fluently better,then stacked by cart( each
extension every piece have to be sewed). Process is doing by
Opener or Unrolling machine.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Ficture of pile up processing

Description Picture
a.Tip of cloth
b.Tip of cloth jetty
c.Tip of cloth to be sewing
d. Palet.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Codefication is process to give a code at jetty and the end of grey
fabric which have pile up by using permanent stationery.

Sewing is process of conecting on cloth back part which is one with
other cloth back part.Purpose of this process is : to be above cloth
of palet become one unity so that at the time of process will not be
Inspection of cloth is to checking grey of fabric which

have been sewing as a mean to know cloth fabric defected,

long, wide, dirt, and know the existence of metal so that

cloths to be processed really ready for processed, and dont

happened trouble during process take place.

For exmple the manner of writing fabric code

WV I ,S 7500/25 TR,P= 250 m,2/4 Grup B

Meaning is :
WV I = the fabric is made from weaving I machine
S = type of plait is satin
7500 = the total sheet of yarn of fabric wide
25 = pick/cm or total sheet of yarn per cm
TR = the warp is tetoron and the weft is rayon
P 250m = the long of fabric is 250 metre

To the practice of laboratory needed by laboratory appliance which

almost everything was made from good glass, so that either its
use and conservancy, need hygiene, correctness and be carefully.
The name of appliance laboratory

1. Glass beaker
2. Erlenmeyer
3. Pipette
4. Stirer bar
5. Gourd Measure
6. Bottle of Reagen
7. Equipments of heater
8. Thermometer
9. Weights
10. Measure glass.

Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Teknologi dan Rekayasa