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What have you learned from

your audience feedback?

Sophia Khan
Target Audience

When we chose our song, being of an alternative R&B genre, we

understood that our target audience would be slightly more niche. As
the singer of this song is quite new and has a smaller fan base than say
Beyonc, we intended on making our artist and music video appealing
to the mass audience as well. With the target audience being around the
ages 17-24, we have tried to include elements in the music video and
the ancillary text to appeal to this youth. The youth of today are
probably the most influenced by music and connect to music videos a
lot more than the older generation. With the social media platforms we
decided to promote our media products on such as YouTube and Twitter,
this would also help connect with the target audience.
We also tried to have the cultural element throughout representing the
Asian and Pakistani culture. This is more enhanced in the ancillary texts
as we wanted the music video to be mo

In a previous blog post, we made a questionnaire specifically

targeted at young adults between 17-24 year olds to truly reflect
what our target audience think of our genre and ideas of music
videos in general.
Looking back on this questionnaire, we asked questions such as
what type of artist people prefer; independent or popular. A large
percentage sad popular so because our artist is quite unknown we
decided to keep elements that popular artists would have in their
music videos such as having the artist feature within. A large
percentage also said theyd prefer choreographed dancing but we
wanted to steer away from this typical R&B convention, and have
a more natural movement for our artist. This was to still appeal to
the mass audience as dance moves and movement in general is
whats expected in a music video.

We specifically asked what our audiences favourite genre of what was to

get the general outlook of what people expect to see. As most people
said R&B was their favourite, they would expect to see more dance and
bling in our music video but as it is alternative we would switch it up. We
wanted to go for a more aesthetically pleasing music video which
highlighted the importance of colour, location and style.
One of our last questions was asking what people think of when they
hear alternative R&B. Some people said the stereotypical conventions
of R&B and said bling and chains etc, but others did say baggy clothing,
indie vibes etc. So in our music video planning we made sure we
included these conventions that a mass audience would expect to see
by choosing those specific locations and picking out the correct
Target audience mood board
When creating this mood board, I specfically wanted
to reflect the youth of today but with an alternative
twist. As our music genre is of alternative R&B, I
included artists, magazines, films etc that reflect the
more indie youth that are into the more underground
things. iD magazine and Complex magazine reflect
the alternative music of R&B and this is something
we were inspired by for our ancillary texts. The social
media platforms featured on there would also appeal
to our target audience so we made sure to use them
to promote our music video and our ancillary texts.
There are also tweets featured from the artist SZA
who consistently expresses her views on the
#BlackLivesMatter which would be appealing to our
target audience as the youth of today are very much
supportive of equal rights. Music is also a platform to
reach out to ethnic minorities so planning on having
our artist representing Asian and Pakistani culture
would match the genre of alternative R&B as well as
reflecting our target audience preferences. We also
had some feedback from our peers of this mood
board who said it was aesthetically pleasing and
reflected the youth culture of today.

Overall from this target audience research, we found out what they were interested in and
what sort of theme to follow for our music video and ancillary texts. This influenced our
storyboard planning as we planned to have many filler shots of the beautiful locations that
connotes an indie vibe, as well as having various shots of the artist to not only show off
emotions but to also get long shots to show off her style. Fashion is a very important thing
for the R&B genre so we planned many different shots to show this. Our initial ideas video
was also influenced by our target audience research as we knew the majority preferred a
narrative music video, we wanted to make a more conceptual music video with a subtle
narrative of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. People said that they enjoy
conceptual muysic videos especially if they have a hidden meaning that matches the song.
They also said that these type of music video allow there to be a mysterious element to
the artist which is appealing to the niche and mass audience. We made sure to include this
mysterious element in our music video with including silhouette shots in our storyboard.
Our design choices were also heavily influenced by the iD magazines and Fader
magazines, as their layouts feature bold titling and the pastel colour scheme we want to
go for.
Filming and editing

Throughout filming, we made sure to get many shots of me lip syncing in as many
different locations as possible, as lip syncing is an essential element in music videos
which also helps add to the subtle narrative. Keeping eye contact with the camera was
also important to build this connection between the artist and target audience. With the
editing, we made sure the brightness was consistent throughout, and saturated some
shots so that the colours were slightly more vibrant, as colour was an important
element in our music video. We also darkened some of the silhouette shots to make
them more defined which also helped add to our mystery element and finding identity
hidden narrative. Developing from our rough cut, there were many of our shots that
were long in length as we thought this would match the slow tempo of the song,
however from target audience feedback we decided to include quicker cuts and a
editing technique that created a jumpy effect. This would help appeal to the audience
as they could get bored of seeing slow moving shots of just fillers etc. We specifically
wanted to film a shot of my shoes as I'm walking, to get this variety in and this would
appeal to our target audience as most of the youth are interested in fashion and in
what their favourite artist is wearing.
Music video Feedback

We shared our music video onto social

media platforms such as Twitter and
Facebook. This is some of the feedback we
got on Twitter, where one stated he enjoyed
the colours and noticed the visual shift to
darkness. This means we were successful in
integrating our colour scheme into the music
video whilst giving off this conceptual vibe
having the dark shots with neon lights. This
also indicates some would have enjoyed the
hidden meaning and understood what we
were trying to achieve with the narrative of
transitioning o=from childhood to adulthood.
Another talks about the visual aesthetic
being good, which shows our video was
successful in looking aesthetically pleasing
as this is what the alternative R&B genre do
in their music videos.
Music video feedback
When we showed fellow class members, Izzy said in the video I
uploaded, she enjoyed the various use of locations as it kept it
interesting. This also shows we were successful in attracting our
audience even with a slow song, keeping the music video appealing. She
also said that my lip syncing was good which is important as it is vital to
look as professional as possible for the music video to attract a wider
We also received feedback from the YouTube comments on our video
This would also help build support for our
artist and allow other people to think the
Ancillary text response
This response states how the like
the colour scheme of pinks which
shows we went with the
conventional colours of female
artists. This helps to appeal to
the mass audience. Kenadi also
states she likes the flower
element and recognises that this
may be some sort of symbol that
means something, as it is
consistent through to our music
video. This shows our texts have
communicated the correct ideas
we had hoped to as well as
conforming to the conventions of
alternative R&B.