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Feasibility of Agrivet and Agricultural

Supplies in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato,


Presented to: Ramon Magsaysay Memorial

Colleges Faculty and Staff- General Santos City

Presented by: Yves Kent U. Ski

BSBA- Business Management Student
Brief Background
Agribusiness has been one of the promising business initiative
in almost anywhere in the country. It is brought about by the
increasing demand for agriculture produce products and
commodities which we considered basic and very necessary for
human survival through food security.
The feasibility of Agrivet and Agricultural Supplies across the
region is positive and promising. This is due to the intensive
campaign of the Department of Agriculture in securing food for
all Filipinos here and abroad.
The demand for Agrivet and Agricultural Supplies will grow
progressively making it feasible to invest in this industry.
Management and Organizational Aspect

Owner/ Manager


Cashier Sales Attendant Driver

Profitability Ratio Analysis Liquidity Ratio Analysis

Php Php
Net Profit 26,809.99 Current Assets 636,061.00
Current Ratio =
Return on Investment = Php Current Php335,100
Total 782,311.0 Liabilities .68
Assets 0

= 1.898 : 1
= 0.0343 or 3.43 % -It means there
- It means investment will be 0.898
Current Ratio =
after paying all
Return on Investment = will be return at a
its current
rate of 3.43 %
monthly as presumed. Solvency Ratio Analysis

Current Assets Php 346,061
Quick Ratio = Current Php
Liabilities 335,100.68

Net Profit 26,809.99 = 1.033 : 1
Return on Equity = -It means there
257,210.3 will still be 0.033
Net Worth 2 Quick Ratio =
after paying all
its current

= 0.1042 or 10.42 %
- It means equity
Return on Equity = returns for KitSki
Capital will be 10.42
Investment Analysis Payback Period

Total Initial Php

Interest Php430,0 Investment 430,000.00
earned 00 Payback Period =
for a x .
year. 025
Monthly Profit 30,483.33
before Taxes+
-Interest to be earn if Depreciation
the initial capital is Expenses
invested in savings
Php accounts earning an
10,750 interest of 2.5 %.

Payback Period =
14.11 months or 1
year & 2 months
To the Socio-Economic
community and society theAspect
proposed business
will be good source of farm inputs for corn and rice
producers, aquaculture feeds for tilapia growers and
other related commercial feeds for backyard chicken
and swine production.
This will also benefit the government through the
payment of taxes that will also contribute to the local
development, local employment for those unemployed
and long-term partnership and initiative to every
farmers and tilapia growers regulated by the local
government through the Department of Agriculture
local office.