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How To Design Amazingly

Graphics Using

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 1
Why ?

Easily create
beautiful designs
with consistent
stunning graphics.
www.edselpauloaguirre.com 2
Lets Design!

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 3
Open your default internet browser

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 4
Double click internet browser icon

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 5
Click browser address bar

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 6
Enter Canva home page address

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 7
Then press Enter key to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 8
Canva home page will launch

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 9
For New to Canva

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 10
Click on Sign up with Facebook to use
Facebook account

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 11
Facebook Log In page will launch

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 12
Click Email or Phone textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 13
Enter registered email address

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 14
Click Password textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 15
Enter your password

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 16
Click Log In to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 17
Or click Sign up with Google to use
Google account

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 18
Google Sign In page will launch

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 19
Click Enter your email textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 20
Enter Google email address

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 21
Click Next to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 22
Click Password textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 23
Enter your password

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 24
Click Sign In to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 25
Or click Sign up with Email

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 26
Click Full Name textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 27
Enter full name

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 28
Click Email textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 29
Enter email address

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 30
Click Confirm Email textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 31
Re-enter email address

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 32
Click Password textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 33
Enter your password

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 34
Click Sign up to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 35
Check your email inbox for email

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 36
Click Confirm my account

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 37
Signup complete page will launch

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 38
Click on how would like to use Canva

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 39
For existing Canva account

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 40
Click Username/Email textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 41
Enter username/email address

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 42
Click Password textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 43
Enter your password

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 44
Click Log in to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 45
Or click dropdown key

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 46
Click Log in with Facebook for
Facebook account

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 47
Or click Log in with Google for Google

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 48
Welcome to Canva homepage

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 49
Lets start to create our first design!

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 50
Lets create a stunning Facebook event

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 51
You may click on Create a design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 52
Or click + sign

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 53
This option will lead you to pre
customized dimensions

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 54
Scroll down to view other categories

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 55
Look and click Facebook Event Cover

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 56
Or you may use custom dimension

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 57
Click Use custom dimension

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 58
Enter your desired dimension

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 59
Click on dropdown key for unit of

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 60
Select px for pixel, mm for millimeter
and in for inch

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 61
Click preferred unit of measurement

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 62
Click width input box

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 63
Enter width size

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 64
Click height input box

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 65
Enter height size

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 66
Click Design!

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 67
Canva design editor page will launch

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 68
Lets run through first Canva editor

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 69
Click Layouts to view available layouts

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 70
Click Elements to view available

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 71
Then click on a specific element to
view element contents

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 72
Click Text to view available text

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 73
You may select different headings

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 74
Or select text designs and layouts

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 75
Click Background to view available
background colors

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 76
Click Uploads to upload your own
images from local drive

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 77
Or click Search to search for specific

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 78
Take note of images that are FREE

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 79
Images with dollar sign means you
need to buy it for only $1

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 80
Click File menu

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 81
To Resize your design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 82
To Save your design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 83
Or to Make a copy locally

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 84
Click Undo to undo an action

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 85
Or click Redo to redo an action

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 86
Click Share to share your design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 87
By inviting other Canva users

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 88
Click email address textbox

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 89
Enter their email addresses

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 90
Click dropdown arrow key

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 91
Choose whether they can edit or just
view your design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 92
Then click Send Invites

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 93
Or share your design via tweeter

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 94
Or post it on Facebook

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 95
Back to editor, click Download to copy
design locally

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 96
Click Copy to copy same page or layer

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 97
Click Trash icon to delete a page or

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 98
Click Add a new page to add page or

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 99
Click zoom to zoom in or zoom out

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 100
Lets start to create Facebook event

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 101
Search images related to the event

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 102
Press Enter to view results

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 103
Scroll down to view more images

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 104
Select preferred image

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 105
Selected image will appear on the

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 106
Hold and drag any corner points to
resize the image

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 107
You may drag the image to get the
desired position

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 108
You may click rotate icon to rotate the

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 109
Click Filter to add effects

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 110
Select the preferred filter

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 111

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 112
To view all adjustment options

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 113
Click Flip option

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 114
To flip the image horizontally

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 115
Or to flip the image vertically

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 116
Click on transparency icon to adjust
images transparency

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 117
Click on trash icon to delete image

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 118
Now lets add text into the design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 119
Click TEXT

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 120
Select the preferred text design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 121
The selected text design will appear
on the image

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 122
Click color palette to change color

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 123
Select the preferred color

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 124
Click text to edit

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 125
Font option toolbar appears

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 126
Then edit the content and color

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 127
Click other text of the design to edit

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 128
Once done editing click File

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 129
Then click Save

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 130
Click Download to save locally

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 131
Select File Type

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 132
Click Download to continue

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 133
Wait until finish downloading

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 134
You may post it at Facebook

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 135
Or tweet it at Tweeter

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 136
Or Email your design

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 137
Or open your local copy

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 138
Now we can upload our design as
Facebook event cover

www.edselpauloaguirre.com 139
You Canva do it! Enjoy using

Easily create beautiful

designs + documents.
www.edselpauloaguirre.com 140