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What is Eoss: It provides

opportunities to retailers to liquidate
their old stocks, increase in customer
footfalls above all its an effective tool
to win customers.
What is EOSS windup: Basically it
means giving a totally fresh look to
the store with all the new season
products, after clearing all the excess
fixtures,tables to attract customers.
Objective of EOSS windup
Giving fresh look to the entire store.
Highlighting all the new season
Making statement with display showcasing
style of the season,colour of the season.
Removing all excess
fixtures,gandollas,tables to give a clean and
clear look to the store.
Sending back old seasoned merchandise to
Eoss windup
Winding up of eoss is one of the toughest activity for
any retail manager,because he needs to do n
number of jobs in short span of time,and successfully
complete this task as per me planning for eoss can
be divided in two parts.
1.pre eoss windup plan:
Arranging for cartons and polybag.
Doing followups with merchandiser to send the batch
number in last week of eoss itself so that we can
segerate the product.
Planning with Rbi team for its smooth functiong of
Removing of discounted tags,siganges,eoss communications.
Clearance of all excess tables,fixtures,gandollas from floor.
Placing all fixtures as per planogram of B&M team.
Displaying all the new seasoned merchandise in every counter.
Highliting new seasoned merchandise in all windows,focal points,manequins
in particular section to attarct customer with new seasoned merchandise.
If any discounted merchandise is there then a separate discount zone needs
to be create to communicate this.
Doing follow-up's with merchandiser for batch number.
Dept. Manager needs to keep a track on it.
Asking associates to come early to do RTV,s inorder to avoid it doing working
Ensure all the merchandise has sku.

Arranging of Cartons,plastic bags
during Eoss.
Asking mercahndisers to give List of
rtvs products in last week of eoss
itself to segregate it earlier.
50 Fc
December January February
Identify the GAP
Are they Approaching?
Inappropriate training session
Hesitation in communication about FCC
Minimum understanding
Language barrier
Unawareness of FCC importance
Lack of confidence
Brand staff contribution is too less in
terms of firstcitizen.
Action plan
Need to provide training on Fc on every 15 days.
DM needs to do Active Supervision.
First Citizen Enrollment tracker at Staff room.
Identify associates who are very good in making Fc and
make them responsible to train non performers.
In store paging or in store radio activity related first
Signage related first citizen offer should be placed near
traffic area like elevator, back side of cash point etc.
Sometime DM needs to set example by making Fc.
Csd&fcd team leader should track the performance of
Need to set benchmark for cashiers
on enrollment's.
Need to ask marketing team to do tie
up within the catchment.
By rolling out some schemes during
By giving incentives for making fc.