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By: Jassni Vijayasingham

The role of the director is the most
significant role in any production. With this
role comes responsibility and initiative skills.
The directors role will also include being in
charge of the inventive and dramatic
features and aid in bringing the script to life
by stepping up as the leader and guiding the
other team members.
The role of the cinematographer is to showcase
their knowledge of the various types of shots and
present this in the production. This will aid in
creating that sense of realism and make the
audience more intrigued. In this case the
cinematographer as Zahra Inayat and therefore he
will have to master the multiple shots as well as
compositions. Furthermore he must comprehend
the concept of the 180 degree rule which
shouldnt be broken. Moreover he will have to
attempt to bring the narrative to life by using
technical equipment and assist the director by
bringing the directors vision to life.
The role of the editor is to create a steady and
consistent flow and pace of the production in order
to create pragmatism. The editor is fundamentally in
charge of producing the music and sound effects to
create the atmosphere for the whole film. We have
chosen Jassni to be our editor and once we have
filmed everything it will be his job to collaborate all
the shots provided by the cinematographer and bring
them together to provide a consistent pace in a
sequential sequence. Furthermore they have to
make significant decision in whether or not to cut
out shots; establish the time scale of the film and
select which transitions will be best to use.