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Theyre Watching You

Costume Notes
Why are costumes so important?
Costumes are always an essential part of any film as
the people and the characters they play, dress to
display and represent who they are. The costume
defines a character before the actor even begins to
Furthermore costumes can be used to support the
intensions. For example, if there was a male serial
killer wearing high heels and a crop top, the
audience wouldnt really be frightened as the
costume is juxtaposing what the film is trying to
Why are costumes so important?
Whereas if the serial killer was dressed in
casual clothes, wearing dark colours ( to be
aligned with the scary atmosphere) the
audience will be more likely to be scared,
therefore fulfilling the role of the character.
A lot of horror films select a certain costume for
female protagonists, to portray their character
as vulnerable and to give the idea that this
character will be likely to be attacked by the
antagonist which is what the audience usually
see when watching horrors, thus giving off the
feel of the film being clich and sticking to its
codes and convents of horror.
Antagonist- Dark zip up Hoodie
During the production of Theyre
Watching You, we decided that
the antagonist should mysterious
feel hence the hoodies concealing
the top part of his head whilst the
mask is covering the face thus
concealing his identity. The dark
colour of the hoodies connotes
the evilness of the antagonist and
his murderous intent.
Overall we think it fits the codes
and conventions for the genre
and it goes well with the image of
being an antagonist.
Protagonist- White Dress
We decided to choose a costume
that will portray the mature of our
protagonist so by choosing a white
dress it connoted to the audience
her innocence then this also allowed
other aspects to stand out such as
the blood thus making it easier for
the audience to see it. The red on
the dress denotes blood and connote
the danger shes currently in.
Overall the dress allows a great
amount of detail to be analysed by
the audience and makes it easier for
the actor to run in thus making it
convenient during the chase.