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a l

a t
u p p y
c c r a
O he
t Vs l
i ca
y s y
P h a p
e r
Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy

A profession Focused more on treating a

concerned with
persons injury itself and on
promoting health and
helping to prevent
wellbeing through
injuries will diagnose and
occupation and is
treat the physical source of
widely used in physical,
the problem; the injured
mental and community

health settings tissues and structures

What Do Physical
Therapists and
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapy DO? Occupational Therapy
Rehabilitative Use treatments to

patients using develop, recover, or

training and exercises
maintain daily work

Prevent future
Improve basic motor

Help clients to have

Assist patients in
What Settings do PTs
and OTs work in?
Although most physical therapists
and occupational therapists work
in hospitals, many also work in
schools, nursing homes, and
outpatient clinics
Some physical therapists and
occupational therapists even work
in peoples homes
The Negative Effects of Not
Receiving Treatment from
OT or PT
Occupational Physical Therapy

Therapy Possibility of losing mobility to

The need to depend on the injured area

others to perform every day

Not being able to perform daily

Depression activities without help

Possibly lead to future injuries

Loss of Self-Confidence
Benefits of OT and PT
Occupational Physical

Therapy Therapy

Improve motor skills to Prevent long term pain

perform everyday through exercise and

functions treatment

Regain a sense of Gain full range of mobility

independence from damaged areas

Gain a sense of Ability to perform

Distinguishing characteristics of OT
and PT
Occupational Physical Therapy
Therapy Uses their techniques to
Uses their techniques to help treat specific injured areas
their patients perform everyday
Focuses on the physical
Focuses on the mental aspects aspect of a patient to help
them regain their full
of a patient through therapy to
mobility of their body
assist them in gaining
independence and happiness
Collaboration of
Occupational Therapy
and Physical Therapy
Most often, physical and occupational
therapists work together to provide
rehabilitation therapy. This collaborative
effort ensures a patient can move well and
remain as independent as possible with
caring for him or herself