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In the Name of Allah

The Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Some examples of
poems with
gures of Spee
Figures of
Speech: Alliteratio
A figure of speech is n
a verbal expression
in which words or
sounds are arranged Simile
in a particular way
using techniques
such as alliteration. Metaphor
Figures of speech can
make ones poetry,
speech and writing Onomatop
more creative, oeia
expressive and
Written by
Alliteration Mariam
Beautiful Belle blew a balloon
A big balloon thats color blue
Then brought a basket of berries
For her Beast who bought her beige shoes
Fat Fiona and feisty Fido were
Fighting over a fair and fluffy fan
Then came a ferocious fly who fetched it
And flew with it to a far away land
Juggling jerry jumps in the giant jungle
then jogs around the jungle like a joker
Jessica jumps and jogs like joking jerry
And Jill in the jet feels so jealous of her
Written by
Simile Mariam
This couch, he said, is as soft as cotton
Though its color is as black as ravens.
Its cheap. To buy it is like buying sweets.
He said, Ill take it then. Please make it ten.
His smiles are like the sun rising in the
Morning each time I see him Id glow too.
His whispers are like soft snowflakes falling
But, so sadly, he reminds me of you
Talking to them is like hearing loud thunder.
If you say something, you cant hear yourself.
Be like a wall that listens and speaks not
When youre with folks who shout a lot and yell.
Written by
Metaphor Mariam
Islam is our light in this dark game called Life
Without Islam ones life is an empty box
Without Islam and without Allahs Love
The only right path to Heaven may be blocked
So embrace Islam, accept Gods gift from above
He said, You are my day, I am your night.
Our love is the sun and moon intertwined.
By Gods Will I shall never cease loving
you as my one and only loving wife.
When hes happy, he is a butterfly.
When relaxing, hes a lazy crocodile.
When angered, hes a lion running wild.
Written by
Onomatopoeia Mariam
The class was so quiet that you could hear
Students flipping through every page,
Birds chirping cheerfully outside tweet, tweet
And me chewing gum that has lost its taste.
Our pet feline meowed to say hello, while
The dogs barked twice to roughly say good day.
The sounds of honking and beeping outside
Made me think that for work I might be late.
The cows are mooing, the ducks are quacking,
The hens are clucking while the horses neigh,
My uncles farm is full of fun and noise,
Every single morn, every single day.
Written by
Personification Mariam
Dear diary, are you my only friend
That knows what goes on in my mind and heart?
Nay, only Allah knows all about me
Thus I must tear your pages now apart.
Look at the trees as they dance in the rain,
As the wind blows them and they shed their leaves.
When the rain stops tis time for them to rest,
To watch us next as they stand in the breeze.
Thai Airways captivates me,
Her colors are enchanting,
I enjoy flying with her
As her seats are comforting.
Written by
SONNET 1 Mariam
Teacher, shall I write a sonnet? Must I?
When Im not so sure of my poetry
Shall I write a poem of fourteen lines?
In iambic pentameter by me?

What shall I write about? What can I say?

In this sonnet which I must jot down now?
My sonnet should be about what today?
To write a great sonnet Im not sure how

Teacher, can I write this sonnet later

For Im not sure of what to write about?
The teacher then takes my simple paper
And you already did. my teacher shouts.

Detention my teacher says, for lying,

But thank you, she adds, for at least trying.
Written by
SONNET 2 Mariam
One day, I supplicated to Allah
To grant me a husband who is caring.
So Allah granted me him sweet Noma
A medical doctor who is loving.

My sweet hubby has taught me how to cook,

While I try my best to teach him Islam,
He loves helping out, I love reading books,
We obey our folks as much as we can

May Allah always grant him stronger faith,

May Allah bless our marriage forever,
May Allah bless us each night and each day,
May he be my only spouse and lover,

And may Allah always forgive our flaws.

Ameen. God the Most Forgiving of all.
Written by
SONNET 3 Mariam
Id rather read something for minutes eight
Than wait eight minutes for this site to load
For this slow net service I cannot wait
Id rather nap or simply stay at home

What makes this service too slow I wonder

Too many users online at this time?
Too many files on this old computer?
Way too many downloads? From many sites?

Tis time to stop wasting hours on the Net

Tis time to memorize from the Quran
Time to study for school, to be the best,
Seek knowledge offline as much as I can.

Farewell, Internet, Ill come back later

When the net connections a lot faster
Written by
Narrative Mariam
Poem (A)
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch some pails of water
Jack climbed some trees while Jill was picking some pretty

After some hours Jack realized that he was wasting time

So he called Jill to hurry up before tis half past nine

So off they went to continue their very long journey

Till they passed by an old beggar and gave him some

When they both reached the well Jack and Jill filled up their
Near the well were some berries which they put in their

When they reached home their momma and papa were so

Written by
Narrative Mariam
Poem (B)
Five dogs walking along a path one day
One named Joey, and the other Joanne,
The third Jim, the fourth Joe, the fifth A.J.
They all were pets of a very rich man.

The dogs found a bone which they would not share,

So they all fought over it till midnight,
Smart Joey then said, Fine, I will not care,
If this bones all yours, so please stop the fight.

The dogs decided that fightings no use,

So they all went home still feeling hungry,
When they arrived home they were all amused
That their owner gave them sweets and veggies.

What can you learn from this brief story, class?

That if one wont share, patience is a must.
Nows your
How good are
you at the art