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Wind Energy

Bri + Danielle
How is Wind Energy Generated?
When wind pushes the blades which then turn them.

The Blades that are connected to the Hub- the central part that then turns the main

The main shaft leads to the Gear-box Transmission, which then goes to the brake.

The brake leads to the High-speed shaft, that goes to the Generator that then
produces electricity.

The brake is only there because if the wind is harsh, and not over work the blades
and not damage them, it will stop.
People have used wind energy since 5,000 BC, for sailing the Nile river, then in 200
BC China started using wind-power water pumps. In Persia they used windmills to
grind their grain. Later in the 11th century, the Middle East used wind pumps, and
windmills to produce food. Eventually they used windmills to cut wood (sawmills).
Then in the late 1800s to early 1900s the wind turbine ( they where very small)
were then used.
Where is it being used right now?


The United States ( mainly in California, Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma)






United Kingdom
How do people get the energy?
The turbines convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy that
travels through a generator, then enters the grid for people to use.

The energy is then available for use through the grid, which is where the energy
comes from to power our homes and schools.
Listen. You want this.
A 50 MW wind farm can be built in 6 months

Noise is minimal.

No greenhouse gas emissions during operation!

The ultimate source is the sun and the rotation of the Earths impact on how
much sun we get.
This affects wind patterns, affecting the amount of energy a specific location can generate from
the wind.
Nah. The only pollution wind turbines produce is when they are actually being
created and transported. They run strictly on the kinetic energy from wind, so
they have no waste products.
Ideal Location
In rural areas there is more room for the wind turbines. Also in these wind farms
farmers can graze their cattle.

Get this--they wont affect transportation. You can drive right past them,
especially since they are usually built in rural areas.
To get a 2 MW turbine spinning and producing energy, it can cost $3-4 million.

This cost can vary based on location and the permits you need

This cost does not include insurance, construction fees, transformers, etc.
Available in our community?
HECK yes!!