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Ú We are five partners with equal investment of

Millon each, in which we are equally liable for
any situation.

Ú ’iability of all the partners is unlimited.

Ú Our total capital is × Millon rupees.


 wo develop interest among students about Business.
 wo inform them about business news.
 wo inform them about new trends of business.
 wo inform them about the current situation of our
country economy and world͛s economy.
 wo provide a new platform for the companies for

 We will move from low pricing to high pricing

 We will work on expanding the distribution of our

magazine as many outlets as possible

 We will further launch our magazine in other

cites of Pakistan.

 We will launch Iw magazine for family branding.



  #$"# % 3"

 ! % 3##
 3# % "#

% 3"# !!"&#






Collection of Data
It is done by:
 Meeting of chief editor with sub-editors
 Every sub-editor is supervisor of a magazine
section i.e., I.w, Finance, Marketing, Production
and student corner.
 Each sub-editor selects an issue on which he
writes an article.
 A business icon is selected for interview this is
called personality of month.
 A business institution is selected for introduction.

whis is the most important component of Magazine

because it assists in finance and marketing of
magazines. Our marketing manager supervises his
team. Our marketing team offers different
companies for their advertisement in our magazine.
wo inspire companies for advertisement in our
magazine we provide them free samples of
magazines and convince them. It will increase their
rrangement of Data
After the collection of data and ads, our next operation is
arrangement of data:
 hief editor held's a meeting with all editorial staff.
 Articles are finally selected if there is any further
addition or subtraction it could be done.
 A section is for students suggestions, ideas and letters.
 Final script is sent to chief editor, he passes all articles
 In the end script is sent to graphics and designer.
 whey arrange the articles , photos and ads.
 All this process is done till 25th of our month.
3 lishing an 3roof Rea ing
 Õraphics and designers send a copy to proof readers if
there is any mistake, they corrects that mistake.

 whis final copy is sent to printing agency.

 After publishing this document sent to proof readers

for checkup.

 All this process is finalized on 29th of every month.

Distri tion
 Our magazine is launched in market on first
date of every month.
 Our distributors provide this magazine in
business institutions, every popular book lets,
newspapers outlets and hawkers.
 For this purpose, we manage 3 Pickup and 4
Bikes for distribution of our magazine at every
important place of ’ahore city till 5th of a
Distri tion

 We also offer our customers to place order of

our magazine through internet, we provide
them magazines at their doorstep.

 We also offer annual membership, we will

offer an advantage of 10% discount to our
M Positioning is basically an image of a product In customer mind.
M It is so difficult to make a better position in market where so
strong competitors are already exist.
M Our main competitors are:

 whe economist

 wrend business

 Business traveler

 Business week
whese are all foreign magazines and no one is specially
for students. whis is our advantage and we can make
our position better. We will compete with them on;



 More local news

 Special target market i.e. students.

ñune 2009


A business magazine especially for students!




BUDÕEw 2009-10 04


BI’’ ÕAwES 08




whe important issue of this month is
Pakistan federal budget 2009-10.
Pakistan new financial year will start
from ñuly.
where are no many expectation from
this budget because every one knows
Pakistan is in financial crises.
It is being expected that in salaries of
govt .employees increase of 25%.
It is also expected that taxes on mobile
phones & vehicles is decreased.

 w 


     !"    

$   × 

 whe global economy is in as bad shape as we've ever seen. In the last two months,
U.S. consumers have stopped spending money on discretionary items, including
electronic gear, prompting this week's bankruptcy filing by ircuit ity. Retailers
are worried that Black Friday will indeed be black, as holiday shoppers cut back on
spending and choose lower-priced cell phones and notebook computers.

 Yet despite all of the bailouts and layoffs, most Iw industry experts are predicting
that sales of computer hardware, software and services will be growing at a
healthy clip again within 18 months
 Here's a synopsis of what experts are saying about the short- and long-term
prognosis for the tech industry:
 report released in mid-October. Õartner said the U.S. tech industry will be flat.
Hardest hit will be Europe, where Iw expenditures are expected to shrink in 2009.
Overall, Õartner said global Iw spending will reach $3.8 trillion in 2008, up from
$3.15 trillion in 2007.

 We expect a gradual recovery throughout 2010, and by 2011 we should be back
into a more normal kind of environment, said ID Analyst Stephen Minton. If the
recession turns out to be deeper or last longer than four quarters as most
economics expect, it could turn into a contraction in Iw spending, Minton added.
In that case, the Iw market would still be weak in 2010 but we'd see a gradual
recovery in 2011, and we'd be back to normal by 2012.

2. m     2001.

 Even the grimmest predictions for global Iw spending during the next two years
aren't as severe as the declines the tech industry experienced between 2001 and

 Õlobal economic problems are impacting Iw budgets, however the Iw industry will
not see the dramatic reductions that were seen during the dot.com bust. . . . At
that time, budgets were slashed from mid-double-digit growth to low-single-digit
growth, Õartner said in a statement.
Bill Õates at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2007
 Born October 28, 1955 (1955-10-28) (age 53)
Seattle, Washington, U.S. Residence Seattle,
Washington, U.S. Alma mater Harvard University
(dropped out in 1975) Occupation hairman of
o-hair of Bill & Melinda Õates Foundation Net worth
US$40 billion (2009)[1] Spouse(s) Melinda Õates
(1994ʹpresent) hildren ñennifer Katharine Õates
Rory ñohn Õates (b.1999)
Phoebe Adele Õates (b.2002) 
 <    mmm (born October 28, 1955)[2] is an American
business magnate, philanthropist, author, and chairman[3] of Microsoft,
the software company he founded with Paul Allen. He is ranked
consistently one of the world's wealthiest people[4] and the wealthiest
overall as of 2009.[1] During his career at Microsoft, Õates held the
positions of EO and chief software architect, and remains the largest
individual shareholder with more than 8 percent of the common stock.[5]
He has also authored or co-authored several books.
 Õates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer
revolution. Although he is admired by many, a number of industry insiders
criticize his business tactics, which they consider anti-competitive, an
opinion which has in some cases been upheld by the courts.[6][7] In the
later stages of his career, Õates has pursued a number of philanthropic
endeavors, donating large amounts of money to various charitable
organizations and scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda
Õates Foundation, established in 2000.





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      (    $$$

   -$$$- / 0

 425
 ,(     "


,(   1

   4 7855   

 1 29  (  

 0 %4 $6  


   :       88
 Ethical values are defined as moral standards by which people judge
which is right or wrong.
 Now a days our society ignores all these values which make our
society a developed, well managed & superb. In ethical values
includes our behavior in all aspects of life. We ignored honesty,
truth, re
 spect of others, fairness, tolerance; trust good citizenship & other
moral values. We left these great values so our society is very
rapidly changing into a society which has every kind of problem.
 We are facing violence, humiliation manipulation, terrorism,
corruption, economic crises, low literacy rate, high rate of crimes in
every field of life because our society has forgiven the ethical
values. We are morally at this critical point at there societies are
 Our society has divided in to many groups, In which include
religious, political, social, economic groups.
 All these groups want to imply its rules & discipline to the
society. It is dangerous not for the society but also for our
 How we can improve & solve this problem, by
implementation of ethical values on every person & every
field of life. We consider ourselves the most important part
of our society that if we not obey the rules & regulations
who obey them? By doing this we make our society a
model society which understands the importance of ethical
values& fulfills it requirements
Ú Õood Human Resources

Ú Advancement with technology

Ú Availability of our Magazine

Ú Affordable price
 Weak Human resources

 Unawareness with technology

 Unavailability of our magazine

 Unaffordable price
 We are new in market.
 We have no experience.
 We are unaware with the ups and downs of
 Popularity of other well-known and established
 We have a threat of red tape.
" m
! !"
In this step we estimated that our investments on
magazine will be equal to the profit or not
ÚBy estimating our probable sale of our product
ÚBy estimating profit experiences of competitors
ÚBy deciding price strategy, penetration
We developed a sample of magazine by putting all
elements of market mix

Úwo have an estimate of perfection of magazine

before large scale production.

Úwo have an estimate of resources required for our

wo test our product before its launching we
arrange a committee having members like
business professors, businessman and
business students, in order to check the
standard of our product before its large scale
After selecting an idea of business magazine,
calculation of potential cash flow and return,
making a sample product and testing it, we
finally launched our magazine on large scale
For the promotion and positioning
Ú We are following pull and push strategy
Ú We are doing comparative advertisement
Ú We are doing institutional advertisement
Ú We are doing competitive advertisement
Õrowth phase is a phase in which sale
increases. We are following targets to

ÚWe will adjust our pricing in order to

compete with competitors.

ÚWe will work on product availability.

In this phase the level of sale is moderate. wo
survive in this phase we have following
targets. One key to success in maturity phase
is to stimulate the consumptions of existing
product by broadening appeal and by
marketing minor improvement.
Decline phase is a severe threat for every business.
We have following target to remain successive in
this face. We will change with the following
ڒatest trends
ÚBuying power
Úwarget market
In order to compete with our competitors and to
increase market share

We will work on

Úontinuous Improvement
Úontinuous Innovation
Our pricing objectives are

Úwo increase our sales

Úwo get a bigger market share
Úwo promote our magazine more
Úwo achieve high profit on our magazine
Our magazine has affordable price which
is 80 Rupees
We will use penetration pricing in order
Úwo attract all income groups
Úwo keep competition out
Úwo make sure the expected profit
We will work on market coverage by having
͞# $ in order to make our
magazine available at the maximum number of
’ahore targeted Billboards

whoker niaz Baig

Defense howk
Kalma howk
We will Promote our magazine by
Electronic Media
Print Media
Bill Boards
It is our target to make our magazine the choice of
consumers by working on three factors

Ú< by improving Quality

Ú    by pricing positioning, placement
and promotion
Ú  towards magazine by customer
¦  1x100000 100000

   1x1500000 1500000
  20x20000 400000
   1x800000 700000
    4x30000 120000

    2x20000 40000

      2x10000 20000

  1x35000 35000

     10x5000 50000
   10x6000 60000
   **** 500000
    **** 2140000
    **** 660000

    **** 500000

  **** 500000

 ¦ **** 75000
 **** 3000000
!  **** 100000
ÚStudents can understand challenges to business ’ike
Ú(Õlobal Economy and strategic value of information
ÚWe introduce new business ideas and innovations in business world
ÚOur magazine helps to create a relation between students and
corporate world
ÚOur magazine gives a platform for new companies to advertise their
Our direct competitors are
& '
 ()
ÚOur magazine is a student magazine(there is
no such type of a magazine in market)
ÚMostly magazines in market are Foreign and
there prices are high
ÚWe have full coverage of Pakistani markets

Ú!  %   & ×
ÚIncrease our production to double Dec 2011.
ÚAccess of our magazine in every known city of
Pakistan till Dec 2010.
ڒaunch also a weekly magazine for more latest news
Úover small business of our neighborhood countries
like china and India

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