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Submitting an application for a job

involves an individual in a series of

The decision to apply for another job is
driven by one of two factors:
1. People either want a new job
2. Want to get away from the existing job.
1. Their future career and prospective with
their current employer
2. The prospect and opportunities in the new
3. The likely impact on life outside work
4. The effect of telling colleagues, the boss,
family and friends
When individuals decide to apply for a job,
they submit themselves to a process of
examination and assessment. They will be
expected to disclose their:
1. Employment History
2. Educational History
3. Personal details
In most of the cases the confidentiality of
applicants is not respected at all.

Some organizations refer back to

applications received earlier and contact
Employing organizations frequently sell
themselves to potential applicants.
Organizations check the applicants details
and track records.
The employing organization (Should)
considers carefully what information is to
be sent to applicants.
If individual is applying for a job in another
part of the country, decisions about
lifestyle and non-work relationships need
to be considered.
Factors influence personals decisions are:

Problems of Communication

Difficulties in selling previous home

Problems of relocating can disrupt the

new employees first critical months.

Once an application has been submitted, the
applicant enters a period of uncertainty.
The R&S process have a long-lasting
effect on applicants, especially
those who are not successful.
Rejection in the R&S process results in a
loss of self-esteem

More results in self-attribution for

I must be useless if everyone thinks so.
Women and others from minority groups are
still disadvantaged during the R&S
R&S process also have effect on the

Loss of Talent
Cloning and replicating past patterns of
behaviors ultimately leads to stagnation
and failure to adapt
Consequence of using rules of thumbs,
stereotypes and history is the
appointment of the wrong person.
Type 1 and Type 2 errors
There are several possible reactions:

Consider the second runner

Re-examine the applications from people
not shortlisted
Re-advertise the post
Failing to appoint at the end of a
selection process can be equally
difficult for an employing
Who is responsible for the recruitment and
selection process?

Personnel Department
The Manager
The Employers representative or Agent.
Choice of Method

Understandable Technology
Fairness and equity
Conduct of Staff
Power to refuse
The Assessors
Decision Making:
Candidates should be told about the processes
to be used for decision making.

Adequate records should always be maintained.

Operational practice:
If operational practice are professional,
candidates will be left with impression of good