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Scraper Description and

Scrapers are a type of heavy machinery used for

An earthmoving machine used for soft soil

Self-propelled scrapers were invented in the 1930s by R.G.
The rear part of the machine is called a hopper
This hopper is lowered or raised to cut into the ground
collecting the dirt
The collected earth can be moved and dumped accordingly
as this process is repeated
Some scrapers work in tandem with a bulldozer

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Scraper Description

Standard cubic yard capacities range from 14

yd3 to 44 yd3
Weight of machinery can be 67,195 lb up to
146,770 lb
Scraper Description

It can be used this is the ideal piece of

earthmoving machinery as it loads, transports
and spreads material. Unfortunately it cannot
be used to transport materials over long
distances because of heating of the tires. It
cannot be used on rocky ground either as this
causes excessive wear.
It takes between 30 seconds or one minute
for the scraper to load itself
Standard Usage
Loading and transporting earth over short
distances (i.e. >2miles)
Operation Cycle

Operating : for loading, the driver lowers the

body of the scraper onto the soil and opens
the gate. Next a powerful bulldozer pushes
against the back of the machine and pushes
it in order to fill the body. It is the same
principle as the plane used for woodwork
For transport, once the body has been filled,
the driver closes the gate and lifts up the
body. The bulldozer is no longer required, as
it is only used during loading.
Unloading takes place while the machine is
moving. The driver opens the gate and
activates the ejector which, with the help of a
powerful jack, expels the materials from the
front of the body.
Dozer: Short haul, less than 100m
Scraper: Medium haul up to 1,000m
Hauling Equipment

Distance is the
principal factor in
selecting haul units

Production Estimation:
It is all about cycle time

Type of soil

Type of scarper

Total resistance


Types of Scrapers

Towed Scraper
Elevating Scraper
Coal Bowl Scraper
Open Bowl Scraper
Pull Scraper
Towed Scraper
Towed Scraper
A Cat Towed Scraper easily adapts to jobsite conditions. The
scraper can be pulled in single or tandem configurations, or top
loaded with an excavator. On an intermittent basis, the pull scraper
can be push loaded with a bulldozer.
Ideally pulled by Cat Track-Type Tractors and Challenger Special
Application Tractors, hitches and drawbars are available for a wide
variety of tractors.

Capacity(struck) - 18.8 yd3 to 23.5 yd3

Capacity(heaped) - 13 yd3 to 17 yd3
Least expensive

Elevating Scraper
Load/haul/spread with little support
Conditions material going into the bowl.
Work alone capability.
Elevating scraper aids in compaction.
Good tool for finish work.
Loaded Haul: 500 ft - 3,000 ft
Low rolling resistance.
Ideal for short cut areas.
Best suited for favorable material.
Capable of performing thin, precise lifts
Elevating Scrapers

Capacity (heaped) - 11 yd3 to 23 yd3

Max. Speed - 24.4 mph to 32 mph
Ability to homogenize
and condition soil
while loading

Coal Bowl Scraper
Handling coal is a big job and relies on
dependable machines. Only Wheel Tractor-
Scrapers designed exclusively for coal
stockpiling and retrieval needs.
The Caterpillar 637G and 657G Coal Bowl
Scrapers can construct and maintain coal
stockpiles, as well as haul loads to inlet
supply system to meet the burn
requirements of the plant.
Following are some benefits of the Coal Bowl
Dual Engines to achieve maximum payloads and
deliver fast cycle times.
All-Wheel-Drive to work effectively in poor underfoot
conditions and climb piles of slippery, loose coal.
Large Capacity Coal Scraper Bowls are longer and
higher than standard scraper bowls, which allows to
haul 50 yards (38 meters) with a 637G and an
impressive 73 yards (56 meters) with a 657G.
Coal bowl scrapers are effective in compacting coal,
which reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion
of coal in the stockpile by eliminating the air spaces.
Open Bowl Scraper
Wheel Tractor-Scrapers have a reputation for major
infrastructure work. Jobs like airports and dams and
interstate road building - jobs that require moving
large amounts of dirt with little time. But wheel
tractor-scrapers are hard at work clearing green field
coal mines, removing overburden, digging and
reclaiming mine sites?
Quick load/unload.
Spread evenly on the go.
Broad material appetite.
Low cost/high production.
Loaded Haul: 500 ft - 5,000 ft
Ideal for varying material conditions.
Ideal for moving high volume of material.
Pull Scraper
Pull Scraper
The Noble 417 Pull Scraper is capable of
loading and unloading various types of soil,
including sticky clay materials
Conventional (Push-loaded,
Single Engine)
Safety Procedures and
Never operate a scraper at speeds that are
unsafe, especially with full pans
Always wear a safety belt. Uneven terrains
may cause a scraper to tilt
Be sure that communication between ground
employees is clear and evident
Proper maintenance and daily checks ensure
safe operating conditions

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Safety Procedures and
Be sure that proper brakes and ropes are all
in working order
Only trained employees should operate and
work near scrapers
Do not operate scrapers on unsafe slopes
Think Safety
Work Safely