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The Family Roles

Same-sex Couples

By: Veronica Zapata

Professor Lookholder
Sociology 1
As early as the year 1919 to the
present there have been same-sex
parents that have been raising
children of their own and adoptive.
Many children are adopted not
only by heterosexual couples but
by same-sex couples as well.
Research shows that same sex
parents have raised around
twenty- eight million children.
Who are they?
The LGBTQ community represent
their own family roles.
LGBTQcommunity stands for
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,
and queer (and/or questioning).
One supporter is The Equality
Federation that advocates and helps
improve the lives for this community.
Society Views

Society has become more accepting

of same-sex marriage and couple
that want to peruse a family.
Reports show that 70% of the new
generations including the
Millennials , support same-sex
We can predict that for the future
generations the numbers of
supporters will only increase.
How do members of the institution perceive itself (its own

Future parents tend to perceive

themselves as being skilled.
Studies show that both
heterosexual and lesbian
women initially viewed
themselves as more skilled
than men.
Regardless of sexual
orientation, most parents will
perceive themselves positively.
Same-sex parents vs
heterosexual parents
Same-sex families can sometimes come across more
challenges opposed to heterosexual families.
A study found that families with sexual minority
parents sometimes included additional stressors
because of societal stigma where as the other families
did not come across. This is because of societal
stigma, which could result in group differences in how
individual adjustment and family functioning are
affected over time (Farr).
There are always going to be more challenges for
children with same-sex parents because not everyone
is used the change.
Change in the institution

As for change, same-sex couples have managed to

progress positively.
Despite the lash back and negativity tat many same-
sex couples get, their families have shown more
positive cohesions.
Same-sex parents tend to be better a decision making.
Therefore, they are generally in a financial and social
position to dedicate a lot of time and energy to their
parenting (Power).
Studies show that the wellbeing of children with LGBT
parents consistently show they are doing just as well
as other children on a range of social, emotional and
Something that has not changed for same-sex
couples is their ability to continue to love and
support their children.
For a child to grow up in a healthy environment,
the parents need to be cooperative with each
other and their children, regardless if they are
A study of oneor not.
hundred and six families was conducted, half of
them being same-sex parents and the other heterosexual. The core
of the study was to find out which family structures work best in
order to create a positive environment for their children to grow up
in. The results were that all the families were equally well-
adjusted, on average, across development from preschool-age to
middle childhood (Farr).
This shows that same-sex couples are maintaining their family
Functionalist Theory
The Functionalist theory is a way of how a society is
structured in order to maintain stability.
The same-sex couple instituion has definitely
maintained stability throughout centuries.
This institution has accepted their challenges of
discrimination that they face and they are able to
overcome those obstacles and continue to remain
united in their community.
Conflict Theory
The Conflict theory is characterized by the tensions
and struggles between groups over power or
allocation of recourses.
Some laws of same-sex marriages have been legalized
in some sates across the U.S.
Even many states still prohibit same-sex marriages,
because of this law being legalized, many same-sex
couples have been able to get married.
My views
I would improve this institution by simply being
acceptant. I do not support hatred against anyone
especially for their sexual orientation. I think it is
wonderful for same-sex couples to be adopting
children and giving them the opportunity to have a
family that love them. I would begin by legalizing
same-sex marriage everywhere, so that same-sex
couples can have the freedom to celebrate their love
and be able to start a family.
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