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Ethics and CSR Ayush Khanna

Stefanie Kindt
Raffaele Simonetta
Alessio Vigliotti
Guowei Zhu
ADIDAS - PARLEY Rohith Patel

1.Key data

2.Overview of sustainability/CSR policy

3.The stakeholder approach

4.Critical analysis

5.Recommendations for a 5-year sustainability/CSR policy

Key facts
1949 2nd 55.000
founded in Germany by Adolf biggest sportswear employees in more than 160
Dassler manufacturer in the world countries

19.3 billion 2015 & 2016 Since 2005

revenue in 2016 best performing share in one of the Global 100 most
german DAX Index sustainable corporations in the

The four pillars of sustainability



Improving environmental PRODUCT


Better Cotton
Parley DryDye Initiative Sport Infinity

- Use of ocean - Revolutionary - Target to source - Identify and

waste for textile dyeing 100% sustainable develop innovative
innovative technology / not cotton until 2018 recyclable
product use of water (until 2015 already composites to
40% achieved) close the loop


The green company programme

Overall goal to become a carbon neutral company by:
Green company - 30% water savings/employee
- 25% waste reduction/employee
- 20% relative reduction in energy consumption
- 50% paper reduction
- 20% reduce of environmental footprint of IT infrastructure
The stakeholder approach
Employe Customers Suppliers

Getting closer to workers and Utilising sport as a tool to reach Increasing the social compliance
supporting fair and safe values and boost young of suppliers and their awareness
working conditions with peoples academic and physical of delivering fair and
appreciation of all employees: performance and raising environmentally right workplace
Sms worker hotline to consciousness about the conditions.
enable workers to raise importance of sport in life. Adidas compliance key
their voice Inspiring people to make a performance indicator is the
A portfolio of activities, positive impact on society and rating tool to evaluate direct
internal and external, such on our planet and to contribute suppliers and it influences
as the declaration against to a sustainable future. decisions about which one to
homophobia in sport. choose.
The stakeholder approach (specific
for Parley)
NGO: Parley for the oceans Designer: Alexander Taylor Local communities: Fishermen
Government: Republic of Maldives

Parley is the space where Alexander taylor is the artist Attention on the Thanks to this partnership also
creators, thinkers and in charge of the design of environmental problem of the government of the
leaders come together to the shoes. For adidas is also the plastic pollution bring maldives (the main site in
raise awareness for the important the marketing a benefit also for the local which the ngo works) can
beauty and fragility of our aspect of this project communities and in receive a benefit in term of
oceans and collaborate on because they have to particular to the local waste disposal for free.
projects that can end their maintain their reputation fishermen that can enjoy
destruction and the brand awareness. more cleaned water and a
sea more rife and fishy.
Critical Analysis
Planet People Profit

Green company programme SMS Worker hotline Increase in sales 10% ( 16.915 bn)
Energy usage reduction at supplier end Communities support through Gross margin : 48.3%
through us of C-KPIs and E-KPIs relief funds, product or financial Operating margin : 6.5%
ISO 14001 certification donations or corporate Increase in net income 12%( 720 mn)
Better cotton, recycled polyester volunteering programs AG share price increases by 56%
Virtualisation of physical samples Fair wage and safe working conditions

Source : Source : Source :

4cd0-98c5-28413f272aac/2015_sustainability_progress_report.pdf 4cd0-98c5-28413f272aac/2015_sustainability_progress_report.pdf 43e5-b3c0-bc870d53b964/2015_gb_en.pdf 9
Sport Needs a Space (six strategic

Generic Social Value Chain Social Impacts Social Dimensions of

Impacts Competitive Context
Stimulates workers productivity
Provides a stable and Save water
conducive work Good reputation and create demand
environment Save non-renewable resource &
Raise awareness of the environmental find new material
Inspire people to live an cause
active and healthy lifestyle Improve carbon footprint Save energy
Reduce energy consumption
1 we empower people High-performance functional and 1 we value water
2 we improve health quality materials 2 we innovate materials
3 we inspire action Positive impact for global waste & processes
challenge and resource shortages 3 we conserve energy

Implementing Green Company
Carbon Reduction Water Reduction Waste and Paper Reduction
Carbon neutrally for our own operations Management of water Household waste and paper
as vital resource consumption for the different
administration offices

Tackle out chemical footprint &
Partnership Assessment
Workplace Responsible
PFC-free Chemicals Reduction Sourcing with
Standards for
R&D in close collaboration Management of Licensee Suppliers
with leading chemical chemicals in multi-tiered Long-term and mutually
Integrate compliance into
companies in finding supply chain. Partnership beneficial relationship
their daily performance
alternatives that still meet with Bluesign based on constructive
and evaluate them
out high performance and Technology, provider of two-way dialogue
quality standards assessment tool for
chemical processes in
textile industry

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for your